Ms. Busybee

(HAT: People are People, Philippines/ TOP: from Ma Joy/ SKIRT: Forever 21/ STOCKINGS: Target/ BOOTS: Necessary Clothing/ SUNGLASSES: Shasa/ EARRINGS: Philippines/ BELT: 5,7,9/BRACELETS: New York and Co./RING: Forever 21/PURSE: Rue 21)

My outfit says I have a strong urge to get on a motorcycle. Haha, Just kidding.

a la sophisticated Biker Chick, if there is such a thing.

The pearl beaded halter top, I’ve had for more than 10 years now.

Little Pops of Brights

Clear Sequin details on the purse to make it shimmer under the sun

Another pair I’ve worn out. I need to go back to New York to get some more.

It’s working! I’ve managed to juggle my different priorities—my real job, household chores, Hobby Theater volunteer work, SAM Church choir duties, Oliver Rehearsals and my long distance obligations. Although I’d have to admit, I barely have time for friends now and I’ve held off on the wedding planning but now I’m back to it and I’ll continue working on that #DIY wedding website, back to calling suppliers and doing inquiries. It’s a surprise I haven’t checked myself in at the mental institution with this crazy schedule and all.

Oh yeah, I’m also taking jogging seriously now, after I got offended when Marco gave me that innocent remark about my running time being slow—well, he didn’t really say it that way but I just got annoyed with the fact that I was trying to motivate myself to finish at least 3 miles non-stop on the treadmill which I did, and I was proud of that (considering that it was only my 2nd jog after a few months) but all I heard from him was “What 45 minutes?” (and I’m going to repeat this— he meant nothing by that at all…I guess he was just genuinely surprised) . Never in my life have I been a long distance runner, back in high school when I was still part of the track and field team the only events I was capable of joining are the 100 or 200 meter dash and the relays, my speed was up to par but ‘air’ was another thing. If you make me go beyond 400 meters,  I think would have passed out. I’m proud to say I’m working on that, since that Marco incident happened I’ve started running outside non-stop and I’ve cut my running time from 3 miles in 45 minutes (treadmill) to 3 miles in 23 minutes in less than a month’s time. Now all I have to do is push myself to run continuously for an hour keeping the same pace. Wait, Nike Fit doesn’t lie, right?

Sooooo, this is the reason for the scarcity of my outfit posts, the pictures are in Reno (my Canon EOS) but it’s the posting that’s taking some time and I don’t know how I’m going to do this but I plan on catching up. (yeah right, Advance Happy April Fool’s Day, hah!) Anyway, let me work on this. I’ll catch you all later!


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