My Little Korean Wannabes

….It all started when Ate Rhea (that’s me), had to go to a KPOP-themed party and went all out on her research as she was not familiar with this craze. She eventually pulled it off and had a blast at the Almacens’ KPOP party but since then on, the little kiddie winks have begged her to dress them up as little KPOPsters.

A year later, the little girls still have not forgotten and one boring Sunday afternoon they brought it up and kulit her to infinity and beyond (to the enth levellllllll) and so the Ate (again, that’s me…haha)  finally gave in and semi-dressed them up so they could quit nagging her. Now everyone was happy.

The End.

Very Happy Asians I suppose, they did get their way.

Serene Angelie


Nicole Valerie


My little babies are growing up…

Princess Butterfly and Princess Ballerina in their tweens

Peace Sign: the infamous Asian pose.

Love-hatin much.

I love you my langgas, please stop growing.

~Ate Rhea

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