Flowers on Polkadots

A little late on the post but here’s a quick recap to summarize the crazy Easter I had…

First things first…Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen!!!

(TURBAN: Forever 21/ TOP: bustier, No Boundaries/ SKIRT: thrifted, Philippines/ SHOES: Limelight/ PURSE: Rack Room Shoes/ BELT: vintage,from Mommy Babe/ EARRINGS: Aldo/ RINGS: Forever 21/ BANGLE: Philippines/ WATCH: New York and Company)

Not too ostentatious for church, do you agree? Haha.

Patent Red Purse from my brother during his ‘Rack Room’ Days. I was a very spoiled ate.

TURBAN CHALLENGE: Avoiding the Mushroom Top a.k.a ‘protruding hair’ haha

One of my vintage earring favorite

Still getting used to busy details

Little Miss Mismatch

Another gift from the brother. In love with the Bow Details

So prints on prints have never been a strength of mine but that’s what’s so wonderful about fashion —the part where you experiment. Although I did have to tone down on that one, the Church isn’t exactly the perfect venue to go all out on crazy prints and too much skin so this is what I came up with. The turban had to go though during mass, apparently my hair is mushroom-prone and we don’t want any fru-fru hair while singing with the choir, do we?

Pretty much my Easter was hectic and busy (same as my outfit, haha) ; work during the day, Oliver rehearsals at night and church choir practice during the weekends. I’ve always prayed to God for a venue where I can use and share my talents because I feel like its been stagnant for so long, and now here I am… I am not complaining, God. Other than church duties I had ate duties as well—our annual EASTER EGG HUNT. <sigh> The kids are growing up so mom and I made sure that we pulled it off , I don’t know if they’re up for another one next year . As much as I experience a lot of inconveniences with a family as big as mine, I am convinced that Big Families can have the MOST FUN during the holidays. With all 9 of us at home, it’s always a party—that or WWIII, it depends. Haha. Proud to say that Easter was drama-less (well, almost) and chocolate-ful. After the Easter egg hunt at home, we headed to the Woodlands for a CFC Easter Activity. So much for outdoor activities, we brought the rain clouds with us—still what blessings!

Our (normal) Annual Easter Picture

Our (abnormal) 2013 Easter Picture with Todd, our labweiler

Mom and Pop still very much in love ( I think I didn’t have to state that, their smile says it all)

Candid moment caught on cam. Papa and the girls.

Mama and the boys. As usual Paulo was goofing around, what a face..

The un-gifted and the gifted. haha. Meet my maid of honor. (I just had to post this, Pauline)

The kids before the egg-hunt.

The winner of this year was Nicole.

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