Stuck on Fall

(TOP: 5,7,9/ SKIRT: 5,7,9/ HEELS: Qupid/ PURSE: thrifted, Buffalo Exchange/ EARRINGS: thrifted/ CUFF: from Roxi/ WATCH: New York and Company/ RINGS: H&M)

showing off the thrifted purse, a steal for $9

Sheer Mustard Top. I gave into a Buy One Get One Free Temptation at 5,7,9

I’ve noticed a lot of autumn colors in the spring ensemble

I tried talking myself out of buying this at Buffalo Exchange but how could you not..It’s GOLD! haha

Opting for the ‘accessory overload’ look

Cheap fringe finds from Burlington Coat Factory

Obviously, a late post from that one day I went out during LENT (yes, this outfit post has been on ‘draft mode’ for that long). As much as I’d like to talk about the first few Oliver Shows over the weekend, I’ve decided to hold off on that and save it for an entirely different post. Right now, the only thing running in my head are ‘happy thoughts’.

At times, I dress up based on my emotions, sometimes based on an inspiration but today my sister and I dressed up just to show off some new purchases from 5,7,9. The first time I came across this store was during a trip to Fort Lauderdale with my fiance (boyfriend at that time) and my brother, Paulo 3-4 years ago. It wasn’t love at first sight but the store had potential so I looked it up online and I wasn’t too impressed with the website either. But their stuff in stores are not exactly as consistent with what they have online, not like the other veteran retail shops so you might want to check your local 5,7,9 store instead coz sometimes you do end up with good finds.  I’m just glad it came to First Colony Mall.

Most of these pieces were in the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ Sale, and those do make me go crazy so I had to practice some self-restraint. I came out of the store with 4 items (technically I just purchased 2 since the other 2 were freebies) and spent less than $10. Not bad at all. The knitted tribal pencil skirt is definitely a must-have, it’s not too tight and is extremely comfortable. I was gonna pair it with a nude sheer top but wanted to brighten the set so I opted for the mustard looking one instead. Tempted to say that my outfit was Coachella inspired but it’s a bit too made-up and precise for that.

Oh yeah…Here’s my sister’s look.

(TOP: 5,7,9/ SKIRT: Shasa/ BOOTS: Dolce Vita/ BEANIE: Claire’s or Icing/ NECKLACE: Philippines)

I’m glad she’s soooo over her ‘All-Black’ stage.

Once upon a time, she had the ugliest hair…Not Anymore. <envious>

Definitely not a kid anymore. You’re not cute either, haha.

After outfit shots there’s always ‘goofing around’ shots.

…And thank you to my other sister, Ann Marie for taking the photos. Apparently she’s too cool to join us. Haha.

Alrightie, have a good week y’all!


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