Lace on Lace

NOTE TO SELF: It would help to CLICK on the PUBLISH button. Haha.

So when I said on IG ‘new post up tomorrow’…ummm…yeah, that never happened so here it is. I do want to apologize for the pixelized photos. I’m not really sure what’s wrong with Reno (my Canon EOS) but he’s been messing up a lot lately so ugly pictures were taken during Charles and Ann’s wedding shower. Ugh.

(TOP: 5,7,9/ SKIRT: Weavers/ PURSE: Forever 21/ HEELS: Wet Seal/ NECKLACE: Philippines, from Mommy Babe / EARRINGS: Aldo/ WATCH: New York and Company/ BRACELETS: Forever 21, Buffalo Exchange; from Katsie)

Haven’t worn these 2 colors in awhile: Light Pink and Lilac—my two most favorite colors.

Gold: I’ve noticed is most of the time my -go-to jewelry. Polished in an instant.

Today’s statement necklace

Awkward feet pose but I had to show off the strappy details on my heels.

The bride-to be, Ann, starting the dress up the mannequin (blindfolded) game. Haha. This should be interesting.

The PRO, Roxi, at work. Haha, I’m kidding love.

Refusing to touch that scarily sculpted guy mannequin’s torso.

FAIL. Underwear on the wrong side. Haha.

Mmmhmm mane…the quickest one so far.

Muyi’s turn…she’s struggling too.

Ice, sooooo done with it!

And the winner is…JASNA.

Someone didn’t take her turn and decided to take a terno pic with Amil. Vynna and Amil flexing their…stripes. haha

Not only do I have a thing for Lace, I also have a thing for Chandeliers hence the photo

Wasted photos just coz Reno was sick, these photos are soooo blurry. What a great time to mess up. Tsk.tsk.

Almacens, I’m just gonna have to steal a copy from you guys. Thanks.


Rehearsals today were cancelled mainly because I think the director was satisfied with our run the night before, or maybe they had to fix some technical stuff with the stage. I don’t exactly remember but either ways I was just glad that I got today off. I made it to the HH at Claudia’s place (those are always fun) and right after that Vynna and I headed to Charles and Ann’s wedding shower which I really didn’t want to miss. Ecstatic that I made it coz all of the girls were there (well, except for Hessa ofcourse enjoying PI and all) and as usual we had a very interesting afternoon. It’s always a blast with this crazy bunch. Always.


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