Tribal Beat


(TOP: giraffe print tank top; streets of Bangkok/ SKIRT: tribal pencil; Ross/ WEDGES: TURBAN: Forever 21/ EARRINGS: from Kuya JJ and Ate Roma/ CUFF: from Roxi/ BRACELET: Bead, from Marco/ WALLET: from Camille P.; Cambodia)



Memorial Weekend—-was tempted to go for something Nautical and all-out Patriotic (blue, white and red) to pay my respects to all those who fought and died for this country. This country, although it may not be a 100% home yet since half of my heart is still in the Philippines, has given me and my family a chance to a new beginning and for that I will be eternally grateful Uncle Sam. A silent prayer deemed more appropriate for the occasion, and to all those Veterans and all men and women that served this country…Thank You!

Unlike 75% of the population of the U.S that took advantage of the long weekend and went out of town on roadtrips, flew out of state or out of the country or even headed to the beach or the local outlet mall for the Memorial Weekend Sale, we just had a quiet get together at our neighbor’s house a few blocks down and after dinner, my brother and I headed out to grab a few drinks with some friends we haven’t seen in awhile.

All gifts from special people in my life..and to think I didn’t even plan to wear them all at the same time.

The Houston heat managed to make it’s way back to us and I welcomed it in all my tribal glory..haha. The island girl in me was dying to come out and it’s ecstatic that summer is fast approaching. Woohoo! Most of the pieces of this outfit are special to me: the giraffe tank top; one of my favorite purchases during my Bangkok trip, it has small giraffe designs on it that remind me of Marco (giraffe=long neck=Marco..get it?), the beaded bracelet; an unexpected pasalubong Marco got me 5 years ago when he and his family took a trip to Zoobic, the elephant cuff; one of Roxi’s (one of my closest girlfriends) gifts from my most recent birthday, the elephants remind me of my slight obsession with riding an elephant in the jungles of Thailand a-la Jungle Book. Haha, the Ikat print wallet; a very handy pasalubong from Camille during her trip to Cambodia (right mare?), she made an effort to actually bring it with her when she came to visit Houston, the neon earrings; my 1st gift from the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Sullano. Even in Boracay you still remembered us. Awww—and the rest are my finds. Take not of the overused peeptoe wedges, they truly ARE my favorite.


Well, that’s about it. I hope y’all did something fun during the Memorial Weekend.



A Day at the Zoo


To the girl who likes to travel as much as I do, dress up as much as I do and party as much as I do (well, maybe not this part since I’m kinda getting old),  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you’re having a blast there in the Philippines. As much as we’d want to have you here I’m sure your family is ecstatic that you’re FINALLY celebrating with them. Much love from Houston to Cebu (if that’s even where you are). And don’t forget what I said, Don’t let anyone stop you; go for your dreams while you still can and sakto ra nang YOLO but ayaw’g palabi ha? Haha. Hope to see you as a flight attendant soon. Mwah!

Here are some photos of our trip to the zoo, the rest of the photos are in Facebook.

Our series of unfortunate events caught on camera—yeah, we didn’t know it was a series of successive shots. Stupidity at it’s finest.

The first thing we saw as soon as we walked in the zoo—-it’s Marco.

For the love of masks…I don’t know, I have yet to grow a liking to tribal ones. They do scare me sometimes.

Katsie’s petting zoo experience. ( I think she was more into the kid, haha)

Hmmm…. I don’t think the goat was too pleased. Haha

…And here’s your favorite picture of them all. I just had to put this on there.


(with a bunch of add-ons I suppose)

(HAT: Icing/ BUSTIER: Body/ SKIRT: thrifted/ WEDGES: Bumper,Burlington Coat Factory/ BELT: vintage, from Grandmy Emma / EARRINGS: Burlington Coat Factory/ BACKPACK: Louis Vuitton, from Ninang Thelina/ BANGLES: Forever 21/ CUFF: snake, Icing/ WATCH: New York and Company/ SUNGLASSES: Kiss, Buffalo Exchange)

Back View

Sorry, the flowers were so pretty…I just had to.

Outfit Ensemble

This isn’t really a typical outfit to wear to the zoo but I had cantoring duties at church right after this so as usual I opted for something that I could wear in both occasions—that wasn’t easy to come up with. My church outfits come nowhere close to zoo outfits, I’d prefer to be casual and comfortable at the zoo (like shorts perhaps)  but then I had to look for something decent and presentable enough to be standing in front of the entire church congregation and this what I ended up with. The bustier top was one of my new purchases (on sale for $6.99) from First Colony Mall when I was on a mission to hoard crop tops and bralets for Spring and Summer, perfect for Houston heat. The skirt, an unconscious pick, was a thrift find from the Goodwill store close to my house. The gold paint splatter or spots if you may call it remind me of a glam version of animal prints. Gold is pretty much played up in the rest of my outfit as seen in my wedges and accessories and I pushed it further to other colors within it’s family… I ended up with the golden mustard purse from Louis Vuitton and a pastel yellow belt from my grandmother before she passed away. The red fedora (is it even a fedora?) with the feather, one of my proud finds close to $2.00 during a liquidation sale at Icing, was something I added to break away from the monotony of colors.


Mother’s Day in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas—more or less a 3-hour drive from Houston yet surprisingly my family and I have only been there a few times, less than 10 times in the 6 years that we’ve lived here. San Antonio will always have a special place in my heart, it was the first and last trip my family took with Grandmy before she passed away. God, I miss her so; remembering her just in time for Mother’s Day.

(Photo taken in 2009 at the Alamo. RIP Grandmy Emma. I miss you and Happy Mother’s Day!)

So, once again the Ramas(es) (except Paulo coz he was working) decide to take a Day-Trip out of the Houston area. My dad wanted us to do something special for Mother’s Day and of course my mom, being the selfless mom that she is, was all out in making the day not just hers but the family’s as well and that’s how we ended up in San Antonio. We weren’t too bad with our schedule this time, I think we were only an hour late and that’s already good for a big family of 9 with kids that take forever to wake up. There weren’t a lot of potty breaks in between too so we had ample time to do both the safari and the cave tour.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

First official photo of the trip. Yesss! We’re here.

Admission for Adults (12 and up) cost $17.50 each and the Kids (3-11) cost $9.00each, kids below 3 are Free. Each car is entitled to 2 bags of free animal food, if I’m not mistaken and each additional bag costs $1.00. Coupons are really handy  for a family like ours but our excitement got in the way and we forgot to hand them one, you can easily pull them up on your phone, just google it.

Driving in can be a bit overwhelming, it’s a good thing we had the animal guide to inform us which animals we were feeding. I wanted to just get down the car and pet them.

Up close and personal with John.

My personal favorite: Definitely love the Animal Prints. Haha.

Feed at your own risk, Zebras tend to bite.

Tip: Make sure you tighten your palms if you do want to feed them. (less loose skin for them to bite)

Emperor Kuzco?!?

I got it from mah momma.

My thing for chandeliers…didn’t think I’d know how to appreciate Western ones. Isn’t this grand?

A candid shot of my family at the Petting Barnyard.

And last but not the least, a picture with the animal that reminds me of my fiancè. Haha.

Next stop…

Natural Bridge Caverns

I like how these two attractions are situated next to each other, literally a hop, skip and a jump away so we headed next door and purchased tickets for the Discovery Tour. This time I did remember to pull up a coupon with my phone so we had the cashier cancel the transaction and start all over again. That saved us more or less $20 too.

The Caverns offers 3 different tours but we went with the common one which was the Discovery Tour.

My Dad looks like he’s the most excited of us all. Haha.

…And here are rules to start the tour.

No offense but our tour guide that day didn’t seem to be passionate about what she was doing. You could tell coz she was talking in a stuck-up monotone voice and she couldn’t keep her facts straight like she was second-guessing herself all the time.

St Mary’s Hall taken with my camera’s automatic settings

Imagine if all of these broke and fell down…YIKES!

Don’t they look like Giant Man-o-wars?

What I’d call Hades’ masterpiece. They look like skulls/lost souls. Pretty creepy.

Breathtaking view from the top, I can’t believe we climbed those steps.

The Caverns had an impressive array of stalactites, stalagmites and the sort. It made me think of home…I wish, the Philippines could do something, even just a quarter of what the US does to preserve its resources and its natural beauty. Anyway, I’m thinking of coming back with Marco after his eye surgery, I think he’ll appreciate it more.

…And our LAST stop.

San Marcos Premium Outlets

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping.

Here’s my San Marcos Outlet Loot, photos taken with my iphone.

Top Left: Aeropostale Neon Pink Pleated Mini Skirt, original price: $42.50; sale price: $7.99

Bottom Left: Armani Dress, original price: $128.00, sale price: $34.50

Top Right: A’Gaci Cropped Faux Fur Coat, original price: $34.50, $7.99

Middle Right: A’Gaci Mocha Skater Skirt, original price: $16.50; sale price: $3.99

Bottom Right: Aeropostale Mint Green Cuffed Summer Shorts, original price: $44.50; sale price $9.99

Can’t wait to use the Aeropostale finds for this summer, of course the faux fur coat goes into storage with the rest of my winter clothes. I shop out of season and it does wonders for my budget. And the Armani Dress was a gift from my parents, definitely a good buy (for them) since it was more than 60% off. I love the sporty vibe of the dress and the zipper detail in both front back. I’ll be updating you guys with an outfit post soon, (hopefully).

Well, that’s it for now and before I end this post here’s what my family made for mom, edited by yours truly on one of those iphone frame apps. I think I did a good job not vomiting while making this in a moving vehicle on the way to San Antonio. Haha. Hope you had a great mama’s day, mom. You deserve the best and more!


Spring Staple

(HAT: Ross/ BUSTIER: Body Central; $6.99 originally $12.99/ SKIRT: thrifted; from the streets of Bangkok, Thailand/ BELT: 5,7,9/ GLADIATORS: SM Bacolod, Philippines/ SUNGLASSES: Buffalo Exchange/ PURSE: Philippines/ BANGLES: Charlotte Russe & Forever 21)

Taking a walk at the new section of Sienna Plantation

Bustier’s X-back detail

New Found love—-flowers on my denim bustier.

Mint Embroidered floral purse from Asia

Gladiators from SM Bacolod—a quick buy coz I miscalculated my packing and ended up bringing more heels than flats

Me goofing around and trying to camouflage with the flowers—-It’s not working. Haha

My Outfit that day

I guess we know what I’ll be wearing most this season—Bustiers, Bralets and Crop Tops. Too much of  those Instagram outfit inspiration posts has lead me to one afternoon of ‘top shopping’ at First Colony Mall  and mind you every single one of them was less than $7 each. Now all I need to do is continue working on my flab … I mean abs coz there’s no point flaunting these babies if  I have my gut a.k.a ‘Bilbil’ unattractively sticking out, right? I need to get my workout mojo back.


Look What the Cat Dragged In…

(TURBAN: leopard print; Luxury Divas/ BUSTIER TOP: No Boundaries/ ANORAK: Wet Seal/ SHORTS: denim; thrifted/ BOOTS: wedged animal print; Image/ BELT: Forever 21/ PURSE: Vieta/ NECKLACE: from Mom/ WATCH: New York and Company/ BRACELET: Beaded emerald; New York and Company/gold studded leather; Forever 21/ RINGS: Forever 21)

Saturday shows call for rockin casual outfits

Leopard Print Turban—one of the best experimental purchases I bought from Amazon.

….Spot that pop of color.

The older I got the less inclined I was to wear shorts,it’s like I just woke up one day and realized I didn’t exactly have Vavavoom legs.  I’m proud to say though I’ve roughed my legs out during childhood and I have battle scars to prove them (the exact reason why I don’t show them off) . I don’t exactly know what Oliver did to me but I wanted to go for that randomly put together New York grunge look. I may have gone overboard on the animal prints and that’s what makes this outfit so fun to wear. I adore the fact that my boots and purse have that faux fur texture, the pair of boots was a Christmas present from the sisters, Pauline and Marie and the purse was technically a birthday gift from my Ninong Gab. A little trick a lot of petite  a.k.a ‘short’ girls like me, do to look taller other than wearing wedges and platform boots is wear high waist skirts or pants to visually lengthen those legs.

Look who dropped by to see the show in all their ‘Spring Glory’ while I was busy being grungy in this outfit. Haha. Snapshot with some of my Oliver co-actors Erik (aka Fagin) and Daniel (aka Oliver himself).

Lovely friends came to watch the matinee show even if they had that Digital Run later that night.Thanks Roxi, Amil and Vynna! (..and you came in your Bright Colors too) Love you to pieces!