Look What the Cat Dragged In…

(TURBAN: leopard print; Luxury Divas/ BUSTIER TOP: No Boundaries/ ANORAK: Wet Seal/ SHORTS: denim; thrifted/ BOOTS: wedged animal print; Image/ BELT: Forever 21/ PURSE: Vieta/ NECKLACE: from Mom/ WATCH: New York and Company/ BRACELET: Beaded emerald; New York and Company/gold studded leather; Forever 21/ RINGS: Forever 21)

Saturday shows call for rockin casual outfits

Leopard Print Turban—one of the best experimental purchases I bought from Amazon.

….Spot that pop of color.

The older I got the less inclined I was to wear shorts,it’s like I just woke up one day and realized I didn’t exactly have Vavavoom legs.  I’m proud to say though I’ve roughed my legs out during childhood and I have battle scars to prove them (the exact reason why I don’t show them off) . I don’t exactly know what Oliver did to me but I wanted to go for that randomly put together New York grunge look. I may have gone overboard on the animal prints and that’s what makes this outfit so fun to wear. I adore the fact that my boots and purse have that faux fur texture, the pair of boots was a Christmas present from the sisters, Pauline and Marie and the purse was technically a birthday gift from my Ninong Gab. A little trick a lot of petite  a.k.a ‘short’ girls like me, do to look taller other than wearing wedges and platform boots is wear high waist skirts or pants to visually lengthen those legs.

Look who dropped by to see the show in all their ‘Spring Glory’ while I was busy being grungy in this outfit. Haha. Snapshot with some of my Oliver co-actors Erik (aka Fagin) and Daniel (aka Oliver himself).

Lovely friends came to watch the matinee show even if they had that Digital Run later that night.Thanks Roxi, Amil and Vynna! (..and you came in your Bright Colors too) Love you to pieces!


One thought on “Look What the Cat Dragged In…

  1. I love this look especially the turban. I like how you mixed different leopard prints too, very nice!

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