A Day at the Zoo


To the girl who likes to travel as much as I do, dress up as much as I do and party as much as I do (well, maybe not this part since I’m kinda getting old),  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you’re having a blast there in the Philippines. As much as we’d want to have you here I’m sure your family is ecstatic that you’re FINALLY celebrating with them. Much love from Houston to Cebu (if that’s even where you are). And don’t forget what I said, Don’t let anyone stop you; go for your dreams while you still can and sakto ra nang YOLO but ayaw’g palabi ha? Haha. Hope to see you as a flight attendant soon. Mwah!

Here are some photos of our trip to the zoo, the rest of the photos are in Facebook.

Our series of unfortunate events caught on camera—yeah, we didn’t know it was a series of successive shots. Stupidity at it’s finest.

The first thing we saw as soon as we walked in the zoo—-it’s Marco.

For the love of masks…I don’t know, I have yet to grow a liking to tribal ones. They do scare me sometimes.

Katsie’s petting zoo experience. ( I think she was more into the kid, haha)

Hmmm…. I don’t think the goat was too pleased. Haha

…And here’s your favorite picture of them all. I just had to put this on there.


(with a bunch of add-ons I suppose)

(HAT: Icing/ BUSTIER: Body/ SKIRT: thrifted/ WEDGES: Bumper,Burlington Coat Factory/ BELT: vintage, from Grandmy Emma / EARRINGS: Burlington Coat Factory/ BACKPACK: Louis Vuitton, from Ninang Thelina/ BANGLES: Forever 21/ CUFF: snake, Icing/ WATCH: New York and Company/ SUNGLASSES: Kiss, Buffalo Exchange)

Back View

Sorry, the flowers were so pretty…I just had to.

Outfit Ensemble

This isn’t really a typical outfit to wear to the zoo but I had cantoring duties at church right after this so as usual I opted for something that I could wear in both occasions—that wasn’t easy to come up with. My church outfits come nowhere close to zoo outfits, I’d prefer to be casual and comfortable at the zoo (like shorts perhaps)  but then I had to look for something decent and presentable enough to be standing in front of the entire church congregation and this what I ended up with. The bustier top was one of my new purchases (on sale for $6.99) from First Colony Mall when I was on a mission to hoard crop tops and bralets for Spring and Summer, perfect for Houston heat. The skirt, an unconscious pick, was a thrift find from the Goodwill store close to my house. The gold paint splatter or spots if you may call it remind me of a glam version of animal prints. Gold is pretty much played up in the rest of my outfit as seen in my wedges and accessories and I pushed it further to other colors within it’s family… I ended up with the golden mustard purse from Louis Vuitton and a pastel yellow belt from my grandmother before she passed away. The red fedora (is it even a fedora?) with the feather, one of my proud finds close to $2.00 during a liquidation sale at Icing, was something I added to break away from the monotony of colors.


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