Tribal Beat


(TOP: giraffe print tank top; streets of Bangkok/ SKIRT: tribal pencil; Ross/ WEDGES: TURBAN: Forever 21/ EARRINGS: from Kuya JJ and Ate Roma/ CUFF: from Roxi/ BRACELET: Bead, from Marco/ WALLET: from Camille P.; Cambodia)



Memorial Weekend—-was tempted to go for something Nautical and all-out Patriotic (blue, white and red) to pay my respects to all those who fought and died for this country. This country, although it may not be a 100% home yet since half of my heart is still in the Philippines, has given me and my family a chance to a new beginning and for that I will be eternally grateful Uncle Sam. A silent prayer deemed more appropriate for the occasion, and to all those Veterans and all men and women that served this country…Thank You!

Unlike 75% of the population of the U.S that took advantage of the long weekend and went out of town on roadtrips, flew out of state or out of the country or even headed to the beach or the local outlet mall for the Memorial Weekend Sale, we just had a quiet get together at our neighbor’s house a few blocks down and after dinner, my brother and I headed out to grab a few drinks with some friends we haven’t seen in awhile.

All gifts from special people in my life..and to think I didn’t even plan to wear them all at the same time.

The Houston heat managed to make it’s way back to us and I welcomed it in all my tribal glory..haha. The island girl in me was dying to come out and it’s ecstatic that summer is fast approaching. Woohoo! Most of the pieces of this outfit are special to me: the giraffe tank top; one of my favorite purchases during my Bangkok trip, it has small giraffe designs on it that remind me of Marco (giraffe=long neck=Marco..get it?), the beaded bracelet; an unexpected pasalubong Marco got me 5 years ago when he and his family took a trip to Zoobic, the elephant cuff; one of Roxi’s (one of my closest girlfriends) gifts from my most recent birthday, the elephants remind me of my slight obsession with riding an elephant in the jungles of Thailand a-la Jungle Book. Haha, the Ikat print wallet; a very handy pasalubong from Camille during her trip to Cambodia (right mare?), she made an effort to actually bring it with her when she came to visit Houston, the neon earrings; my 1st gift from the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Sullano. Even in Boracay you still remembered us. Awww—and the rest are my finds. Take not of the overused peeptoe wedges, they truly ARE my favorite.


Well, that’s about it. I hope y’all did something fun during the Memorial Weekend.


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