Oh, We’re Going to a Hukilau…

Since this was the same day as the Plato’s Closet sale, I was running 2.5 hrs late as was my bridal shower gift running 2.5 days late. <Sigh> I really need to get my stuff together but I did make it in time for the games which I failed miserably. Haha, sorry Kathleen. Everybody looked so lovely in their maxi, floral dresses with leis all over. These photos don’t do justice to the shower.

Me and Rachel with the bride-to be, Kathleen

The traditional Tissue Paper Bride Dress Contest. (thanks for the photo Marie Quiray)

The Bride-to-be opening her presents

Look who arrived the same time I did, in similar outfits too. Haha. I missed you  Danica.

Claudi and I messing with our grass skirts.

Luau ladies going gangsta. Haha. We got this—Mae, Marie and our newlywed, Josie.

We DO love our prints. Posing with Richelle and Claudia.

Awww…L-O-V-E. I can’t wait for the both of you to get hitched. Sweetness.


Since I only had 5 minutes to spare, I put on the quickest outfit that I could think of and rushed to the party. I grabbed the best “go-to” outfit for these kind of  events—a maxi dress and paired it with your basic neutral gladiators to tone down the “floral craziness”. Of course I had to show off the newest add-on to my #DIY head dress collection.

(DRESS: Floral; Wet Seal/ CLUTCH: gold; thrifted from Plato’s Closet/ SANDALS: Diba/ RINGS: Forever 21/ BANGLES: Charming Charlie/ HEADDRESS: my own creation)

A mixture of bohemian, Hawaiian, romantic and ethereal—yes, I’m confused sometimes.

Glad my head dress complemented the outfit

Champagne Gold Clutch

…because sometimes simple (less)  is more.


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Set for the Summer Sale

(TURBAN: Forever 21/ BODYSUIT: Image/ SHORTS: Aeropostale/ BELT: from the streets of Bangkok, Thailand/ WEDGES: Natural Breeze/ PURSE: thrifted from Goodwill/ NECKLACE: Burlington Coat Factory; from Nicole & Angelie/ BRACELET: Zoobic Souvenir; from Marco/ RING: Forever 21) Front View Back View Spotted: my go-to thrifted purse. Overused I tell you! The necklace was a Christmas […]

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Of Weddings and MORE Weddings…

If I didn’t know any better, I’d probably think that getting hitched is the “IN” thing right now. My schedule has been crazy packed hopping from one Bridal Shower to an Engagement Party to a Couple Shower and then Weddings, I’m barely keeping up and I’m running out of things to wear. I’m not necessarily […]

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Down O’l Texas Memory Lane

Where we started our King William Historic District Personal Tour Random remnants from the Gunther Flour Mill Retro Vintage Tiles to match my high-waist shorts Architectural restoration in progress…starting with columns Period pieces perfect for my future home Baubles from The Gunther House Souvenir Shop The Well-Maintained Historical House …and the not so much. Steering […]

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Summer’s Flower Power

(CROP TOP: Image, $5.49/ SHORTS: high waist; thrifted/ WEDGES: from the streets of Bangkok/ PURSE: from Mita Bo/ KIMONO TOP: Buffalo Exchange <Denver>; thrifted/ BANGLES: Shasa/ RING: Forever 21/ HEAD DRESS: my own creation) (Possible) Coachella Outfit Wearing my fall inspired head dress for Summer Sporting the crop top look like every one else. In […]

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Great Gatsby Glamour

CONFESSION: For a month or so now, I’ve been hanging out less with my girls just so I could get used to the fact that they won’t be here in Houston for awhile. Every single one of them except our baby girl (Nikki) is flying to Cebu, Philippines to be there on the Big Day. […]

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