Oh, We’re Going to a Hukilau…

Since this was the same day as the Plato’s Closet sale, I was running 2.5 hrs late as was my bridal shower gift running 2.5 days late. <Sigh> I really need to get my stuff together but I did make it in time for the games which I failed miserably. Haha, sorry Kathleen. Everybody looked so lovely in their maxi, floral dresses with leis all over. These photos don’t do justice to the shower.

Me and Rachel with the bride-to be, Kathleen

The traditional Tissue Paper Bride Dress Contest. (thanks for the photo Marie Quiray)

The Bride-to-be opening her presents

Look who arrived the same time I did, in similar outfits too. Haha. I missed you  Danica.

Claudi and I messing with our grass skirts.

Luau ladies going gangsta. Haha. We got this—Mae, Marie and our newlywed, Josie.

We DO love our prints. Posing with Richelle and Claudia.

Awww…L-O-V-E. I can’t wait for the both of you to get hitched. Sweetness.


Since I only had 5 minutes to spare, I put on the quickest outfit that I could think of and rushed to the party. I grabbed the best “go-to” outfit for these kind of  events—a maxi dress and paired it with your basic neutral gladiators to tone down the “floral craziness”. Of course I had to show off the newest add-on to my #DIY head dress collection.

(DRESS: Floral; Wet Seal/ CLUTCH: gold; thrifted from Plato’s Closet/ SANDALS: Diba/ RINGS: Forever 21/ BANGLES: Charming Charlie/ HEADDRESS: my own creation)

A mixture of bohemian, Hawaiian, romantic and ethereal—yes, I’m confused sometimes.

Glad my head dress complemented the outfit

Champagne Gold Clutch

…because sometimes simple (less)  is more.



Set for the Summer Sale

(TURBAN: Forever 21/ BODYSUIT: Image/ SHORTS: Aeropostale/ BELT: from the streets of Bangkok, Thailand/ WEDGES: Natural Breeze/ PURSE: thrifted from Goodwill/ NECKLACE: Burlington Coat Factory; from Nicole & Angelie/ BRACELET: Zoobic Souvenir; from Marco/ RING: Forever 21)

Front View

Back View

Spotted: my go-to thrifted purse. Overused I tell you!

The necklace was a Christmas present from my baby sisters a few years back. I was raving about it while Christmas shopping and they purchased it as soon as I turned my back—yep, that’s Christmas shopping the Ramas way. Haha.

As I mentioned a few posts back, I have “leg insecurities” so I don’t normally opt for shorts these short but they were on sale for $10 (originally $26 if I’m not mistaken) at Aeropostale-San Marcos Outlet Store and it’s perfect for Houston’s extremely hot weather. Belt knotted the “Mae Ona” way, did I do it right? Haha.

Tribal Wedges Inspired by Aldo’s version a few seasons back

Here’s a Recap of Plato’s Closet Semi-Annual Grab Bag Event:

To those who are not familiar with Plato’s Closet, it’s like a thrift store for gently used clothing and they do buy and sell trendy clothes for teens and up, they also offer accessories, purses and even pairs of shoes (uuuhhh—yeah). This store is obviously not for people who are particular about second-hand clothing, although in some instances they do have branded items that have never been used (probably items that were purchased but never worn or items that could not be returned coz it’s past the 90 day return period or missing the receipt). Just like any store, not all the time you’re going to end up liking their items but it’s definitely one of my go-to stores for last minute outfits (ex: weddings or themed bridal showers). Personally, Plato’s Closet fashion is more of “trendy” than anything else, they sell what’s in for that season or what the mannequins are wearing at the malls from commercial brands like Forever 21, Wet Seal, American Eagle, Aeropostale, GAP, Rue 21, Sasha, Charlotte Russe, etc…unlike my other go-to thrift store, Buffalo Exchange, which offers more vintage and edgy pieces (items may slightly be more expensive) with a touch of bohemian and they offer items from an array of independent fashion brands.

Anyway, back to the sale—Plato’s Closet holds a Grab Bag Super Sale twice a year, one on January for fall/winter items and one on June for spring/summer items. Coming from a big family like mine, with 6 girls (that’s including my mom), these kind of sales are the ones we take advantage of and not to boast either but it’s on these events that I can show off my folding skills. I seriously have a knack of folding, packing and packaging items, an OCD trait that I probably got from the Climaco side <thank God for Uyang’s (RIP) training>.

Thank God for Iphones that kept my sisters busy during “the wait”

Plato’s Closet opens 10 am and I told my sisters it would be best to be there by 9 am at least, but it took me forever to wake all of them up and we ended up getting there at 9:15am. Boy, the line was already very loooooonnnngggg. Now, the strategy here is to make it to the cut of the first batch that they let in. You see, they can only allow a few people in depending on the maximum capacity of the store and once that max has been met they make you wait outside until someone is done shopping and leaves the store. We certainly did not make it to the first batch by 10-15 people and we had to wait awhile. Oh yeah, perks of the first batch—you get first access to the good stuff, the rest gets the left overs.

Done folding! Smiling with 7 bags of neatly folded items.

Since it was Nicole and Angelie’s first time to do it, I had them go in the store first. It was fascinating to watch them rummage through a bunch of clothes, picking stuff that they would actually wear out. I’m still getting over the fact they they’re all grown up and Mom and I don’t have to pick their clothes for them anymore. Just grabbed a few items since I really didn’t need any more clothes; I sat in a corner and I waited for them to bring me their finds so I could start folding and packing. I probably squeezed in 15-20 items in one small bag, without even trying, and neatly too if I may add.


There was another wait at the cashier but it’s a good thing they had a different line for cash-paying customers. Lesson learned: next time bring cash just in case.


Paying for our 7 bags worth of clothes. Thanks pop for treating us out, on your birthday too! Happy Birthday papa!!!

From $625.69 down to $75.77–now, that’s what I call a SALE.


Photo with my little sisters: Angelie and Nicole, no longer Grab-Bag-Sale newbies.20130707-231854.jpg

Plato’s Closet held a contest for a $100 gift card, all you had to was submit a picture of your receipt and your savings and post it on their Facebook page. Did someone win already? I think I missed the announcement.Anyway here’s what posted in hopes of winning the $100 gift card.

Can’t wait for the Grab Bag event in January, another girl-bonding activity with my sisters and hopefully my mom (if she’s not working). See you there!


Of Weddings and MORE Weddings…

If I didn’t know any better, I’d probably think that getting hitched is the “IN” thing right now. My schedule has been crazy packed hopping from one Bridal Shower to an Engagement Party to a Couple Shower and then Weddings, I’m barely keeping up and I’m running out of things to wear. I’m not necessarily in the “shopping state” right now as I’m also saving up for my wedding next year.

Josephine Viajar & Ian Roy Dipasupil

June 15, 2013

Saint Francis De Sales Catholic Church

Marriage—a wonderful gift from God

This ” thumb print” tree is so shabby chic—I LOVE IT!

Peks invading the Dipasupils’ Wedding.

THE table to be in—Table 23!

Cute DIY idea, using wine corks as place card holders.

My brother and I posing with the mini version of us.

Took a photo of the couple and it had to be this, right? Haha.

Iyah Soriano & Raniel Posadas

June 24, 2013

Saint Martha Catholic Church


DIY Bridal and Bridesmaid bouquets.  Looks professionally made.

Someone’s practicing his ring bearer duties.Haha.

Jo, laying down the bridal gown and accessories for a photo op

And here she is…This is IT Iyah!!!

Impressed with this simple and classy fondant cake made by one of the bride’s co-workers. Awww, how sweet.

Even the backdrop for their DIY photobooth was ordered online.

The Ring bearer, The Groomsman and The Bridesmaid—Ramas Siblings at the Reception.

Pretty in blush doing our Bridesmaid duties

From one Posadas Brother….

To Another…Rad and Jo’s turn next year!

It’s at weddings when I’m missing my fiance more. I miss you MARCO!

Down O’l Texas Memory Lane


Where we started our King William Historic District Personal Tour

Random remnants from the Gunther Flour Mill


Retro Vintage Tiles to match my high-waist shorts


Architectural restoration in progress…starting with columns


Period pieces perfect for my future home


Baubles from The Gunther House Souvenir Shop


The Well-Maintained Historical House


…and the not so much.


Steering Clear of the Heat


Heat and History at its finest


(HAT: Ross/ BODYSUIT: 5,7,9/ SHORTS: highwaist; Wet Seal/ SANDALS: Claire’s/ BAG: H&M/ SUNGLASSES: Armani Exchange)


Summer’s Flower Power

(CROP TOP: Image, $5.49/ SHORTS: high waist; thrifted/ WEDGES: from the streets of Bangkok/ PURSE: from Mita Bo/ KIMONO TOP: Buffalo Exchange <Denver>; thrifted/ BANGLES: Shasa/ RING: Forever 21/ HEAD DRESS: my own creation)

(Possible) Coachella Outfit

Wearing my fall inspired head dress for Summer

Sporting the crop top look like every one else. In this heat, I don’t think you can stay away from this fad

a Steal from the streets of Bangkok, Thailand…you never know what you may find.


HEAD DRESS—New Addiction.

I’m obviously blogging coz I’m taking a break from making more as we speak, just sharing one of the reasons why I haven’t been updating my posts. This is such a great way to de-stress and it’s also challenging my creative side. Currently, I have 8 head dresses sitting under my dresser..haha.  Going to Coachella? the Renaissance Festival? Costume Party? Bridal Shower? Holler. Someone stop me before I go on a head-dress making frenzy.

Hahaha..I think I just did.

Fun whimsical add on to your outfit.

Okay, I think might be slightly obsessed.