Great Gatsby Glamour

CONFESSION: For a month or so now, I’ve been hanging out less with my girls just so I could get used to the fact that they won’t be here in Houston for awhile. Every single one of them except our baby girl (Nikki) is flying to Cebu, Philippines to be there on the Big Day. As much as I would have wanted be there, I have my own wedding planning (and saving) to do and I actually thought focusing on the fact that my fiance is coming to visit would take away the envy I was feeling inside. Coincidentally, due to some complications, his schedule to come here was moved back and so I am totally stuck here in Houston alone and yes I am completely jealous. GREEN-EYED MONSTER ALERT!!! I wish I found out about this schedule earlier so I could have looked for a way to go home not only for Ann’s Wedding but also for Tiny’s Wedding, my own wedding planning and most importantly Marco’s transplant. Frustrating as it is, I know God has his own plans and I’m guessing he wants me to be here in Houston right now. <sigh>

In anticipation of Charles and Ann’s wedding, I’ve finally decide to post SOME shots of “that” night and some will NEVER make it into this world of social media. They will stay locked in my hard drive never to see the light of day (unless the bride asks for it, haha). I tell you, my whole notion of bridal showers have been forever changed and up to this day a part of me is still in complete shock. And as the saying goes:

“…what happens in (fill in with name of place) stays in (fill in with name of place)”

In this case “What happens in Zaza stays in Zaza” or maybe not.

Bridal Shower Prep Team at our Hotel Zaza suite. Roxi, Vynna and Jasna.

Home made glamour food by the one and only Amil Almacen. Isn’t he amazing?

Oh btw, did I mention they’re all fabulously healthy.

Amil, our personal master chef, in the flesh. Awww…sweetest brother ever.

Me, Jas and Vynna

The Bride, Ann, and her girls

The Bride and her Cock Cake.

(Note: I’d like to remind you ALL that this was a bridal shower and everything you see was meant for sheer entertainment only meant to amuse/tease the bride. If you want to pass rash judgement, leave them else where)

Bride-to-be’s. We are currently happily engaged (not to each other, duh) . haha.

Keep those drinks coming.

Girls just wanna have fun…You can tell they did.

#OOTN (Outfit of the Night) photo taken by Nikki posted on my Instagram. Add me: reginaramas

Yes, I went all out and bought my first personal wig and I’m not sure how I stuck all of my hair inside it but I’m proud to say I rocked the Great Gatsby Bob. Yahoo!

…And there you have it, a short and “milder” recap of the night that should not be mentioned. Haha.

Congratulations in Advance and Best Wishes to the one of the best “couple friends” I have. You know I love you both so much. I can’t wait to see you Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garcia. Mwah!


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