Of Weddings and MORE Weddings…

If I didn’t know any better, I’d probably think that getting hitched is the “IN” thing right now. My schedule has been crazy packed hopping from one Bridal Shower to an Engagement Party to a Couple Shower and then Weddings, I’m barely keeping up and I’m running out of things to wear. I’m not necessarily in the “shopping state” right now as I’m also saving up for my wedding next year.

Josephine Viajar & Ian Roy Dipasupil

June 15, 2013

Saint Francis De Sales Catholic Church

Marriage—a wonderful gift from God

This ” thumb print” tree is so shabby chic—I LOVE IT!

Peks invading the Dipasupils’ Wedding.

THE table to be in—Table 23!

Cute DIY idea, using wine corks as place card holders.

My brother and I posing with the mini version of us.

Took a photo of the couple and it had to be this, right? Haha.

Iyah Soriano & Raniel Posadas

June 24, 2013

Saint Martha Catholic Church


DIY Bridal and Bridesmaid bouquets.  Looks professionally made.

Someone’s practicing his ring bearer duties.Haha.

Jo, laying down the bridal gown and accessories for a photo op

And here she is…This is IT Iyah!!!

Impressed with this simple and classy fondant cake made by one of the bride’s co-workers. Awww, how sweet.

Even the backdrop for their DIY photobooth was ordered online.

The Ring bearer, The Groomsman and The Bridesmaid—Ramas Siblings at the Reception.

Pretty in blush doing our Bridesmaid duties

From one Posadas Brother….

To Another…Rad and Jo’s turn next year!

It’s at weddings when I’m missing my fiance more. I miss you MARCO!

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