Chasing the Fiddler

Superstar much. Cool beans!

I made it in. Thank God.

Erik and his stage facial-hairs. Haha.

A quick Hi and Bye. Let’s catch up next time, dear.

The most artistic, most creative and most brilliant minds I’ve ever encountered were always in the theater and yet it was also in the theater where I’ve come across a bunch of not-so-nice people—the divas/divos, the ill-tempered, the dictators, the schizophrenics, the backstabbers and the bipolars; pretty much every single one with a personality problem (count me in, haha) are behind those bright red curtains. Sometime when you’re lucky you come across one or two that are genuinely nice and it’s a no-brainer that they’re for keeps.

When I did Oliver, I was blessed to have met more than a handful of those and those who are all too familiar with the theater industry know that each run comes to an end one way or the other and so it is up to us to keep whatever relationships we’ve established going. Not all the time you get a chance to share thesame stage with them and so I do my best to support my friends in their upcoming productions.

Erik, one of our Fagin’s from Oliver landed the role of Fiddler for HFAC’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. Even before their show opened i promised him that I would watch one of his shows. The production run was from July 12-28 and I figured I had all the time to pick which show to watch within those 3 weeks. For plays, I normally pick the middle week, I let the 1st week slide by coz that’s always considered the adjustment week, the time where everyone is fixing their kinks. On the second week, an unexpected long distance complication caught me by surprise and I was distraught pretty much the remaining days of the week. I had one week left, Friday came and I called for tickets and the show was SOLD OUT. They said If I did show up, they could put me on the waiting list and could possibly get a ticket. I ‘googled maps’ the place and it was 45 minutes away from home without traffic. I decided to wait ’till the next day. On Saturday, after all the painting was done I called once again and they said thesame thing—SOLD OUT and show up for possible tickets. I had a bachelorette party that night and knew that there was no way I could take the risk of driving 45 minutes away only to find out that there were no tickets left so I decided to wait for the last day—Sunday.

I’m not sure how I thought Sunday would be a lot better because when I called they were completely SOLD OUT. They didn’t even offer the waitlist anymore and I felt so bad coz I had all the time to watch it, I wasn’t sure what I was going to tell Erik. It’s a good thing my fiance advised me the night before to just go anyway and make that effort to be there, at least I could tell Erik I tried. If I couldn’t get any tickets Plan B was to get him flowers and leave it there so he could get them by curtain call. So I did the 45 minute drive, only to find out 10 minutes away from my destination that I was driving to the WRONG PLACE. For this production, HFAC decided to do it at a bigger/better venue which was 15 minutes away from where I was and as it is I was running late for the “possible waitlist”. This was going sooooo WRONG but I kept praying anyway. So I finally got there 30 minutes before the show and I walked in, acted stupid and asked them  if I could purchase a ticket. They said tickets were sold out but they could put me on the waitlist and I was just grateful they were even gonna put my name on there. There were probably 6 people in front of me but I figured my chances were a lot better since I only needed one ticket and they were in 2s or 3s. Prepared for defeat, I overheard a lady selling tickets to the couple behind me  for $8. The tickets were selling at $15-$20, while the couple took out money to pay her, I couldn’t help but stare at the lady, my face silently asking her why she didn’t offer them to me, I was literally a few inches away! I guess the stare was too obvious because she looked at me, smiled and asked me if I wanted to buy one, she was selling 2 more. I immediately said YES and started to look for cash. Uh-oh. I remembered that I usually don’t carry cash—I have debit, credit, check and loose change but no bills; I went through my purse anyway. Yes! I found a $5 bill now $3 more, I was ready to pay her with loose change when I found another $5 bill folded neatly in one of the small pockets of my wallet.  The lady said she would look for change and I told her that she need not to—I honestly thought she was an angel. So just like that I got my ticket, grabbed a playbill, walked in the theatre, had an usher show me my seat and it was third row from the stage, very close to the middle. WOW! really good seats for half the price. Yep, that was an Angel that helped me get in.

As for Erik’s performance—he was FANTASTIC. I knew he could play the violin but didn’t think he ROCKED at it. I’d have to say that, that was World-Class performance especially when he played those musical pieces during intermission. BRAVO dearie! So I’m guessing you’re a quadruple threat—you can sing, act, dance and play the violin. Hah! I am so proud of you!

I chased the Fiddler. Now, I’ll have to catch him as Angel in Rent. Oh, this boy!



(TOP: 5, 7, 9/ SKIRT: thrifted/ PURSE: thrifted from Goodwill/ SHOES: Necessary Clothing/ BELT: from Mita Bo/ WATCH: New York and Company/ BANGLE: Charming Charlie’s from Rachel/ EARRINGS: Colorado Mint/ SUNGLASSES: Shasa)

Top and Skirt from Pauline’s Closet. Hah! My turn to borrow clothes.

Comfy Denim Button-ups are a must-have


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