All Paid-Off.

(DRESS: Armani Exchange; on clearance for $39/ BELT: 5,7,9/ PURSE: Nina Ricci/ WEDGES: Sbicca/ SHADES: Forever 21)

Opted for neutrals for the oath taking

Finally got to use this Nina Ricci purse from my aunt. It was just perfect for the occasion.

6 years ago, my family of 9 left everything we knew of and everything we lived for to start our lives anew in this foreign land. 6 years ago, we re-learned the value of our household help when we started having to do those chores by ourselves—the cooking, the laundry, the driving…everything! 6 years ago, I left my heart with the boy that I was with for 4 years and started a long distance relationship with him that would drive us both close to insanity.

July 31, 2013—I didn’t think this day would come but it did.  Thank God all the hard work, the sweat, the toil, the patience and all those tears paid-off. It was all worth it. Yay, family we did it!

Photo with the Judge who did our ceremony, we made the photo-line cut-off.

Celebrating our American citizenship with Japanese Food. Hibachi at Sakura was beyond awesome.


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