…And Another One Gets Hitched.

Pre-reception cocktails

Kahtleen ❤ Francis

Look past the center piece—cute moment Mark and Janie. Awww…

My brother was nice enough to join me at the table since my supposed date couldn’t make it that night.  Let’s just say he was still a thousand miles away.

The Groom’s Cake—says a lot.

Showing the Zavallas some love on wood.

It’s always fun to see these girls at weddings. Love our color palette. Haha.

Another wedding, another opportune moment for me to picture my own and figure out wedding details in my head. Haha. I’m telling you…this “one-wedding-after-the other” deal  is providing that push that I needed to finalize what Marc and I want for our wedding.  Ultimately the ceremony and the reception were both meaningful (awww, the bride was crying as she approached the altar) and the after-party a blast. I could tell coz I missed taking photos of the wedding mad libs on our table and the “In sickness and in health” giveaway pouch they prepared. Oh…and did I mention they had an Animated Flip-Picture Photobooth instead of the usual standard one. F-U.N.

Anyway, I’m keeping this short and skipping to the highlight of my night—Me fitting my Prom Dress from 11 years ago.

A classic lavender one-shoulder asymmetrical gown by a pioneer designer in Cebu, Philippines, Mr. Felix Yu. I must admit I wasn’t too fond of the gown when I first got it because it was simple compared to my batch mates ostentatious dresses created by a much younger generation of designers. I later adored how the gown came in my favorite color and how the the upper bodice was pleated with a ruffled flower on my shoulder created with the same material. It was nowhere near what my friends had that time and I wanted to wear something like theirs, I wanted to fit in. Tube top dresses and all-out crazy bead work was trending at that time and yet this simple gown that someone labeled “pang tiguwang” (for old people) bagged me the title of Prom Queen that night. Yes, I know…its just a title and 20-30 years from now it won’t really matter but that night I learned a bunch of important lessons; #1– I should trust my lola and mom more often. Just because they’re old it doesn’t mean they’re baduy (lame, outdated). #2- Simple can be Beautiful #3- I don’t have to “fit in” and be like everyone else all the time just so I could feel good about myself and #4 I shouldn’t care so much about what other people think or say, If they have nothing nice to say about you then stay way from them. Life will be so much better.

I just went down memory lane there for a bit, and to top it off I’m sharing a few “Before and After” photos of THE dress. Photos on the left were from Prom Night 2002, Photos on the right were from the recent Zavalla wedding. And i’m giving you permission to laugh; don’t worry I’ll try to laugh with you. Haha. Talk about #awkwardyears . I can be pessimistic about this and say to myself “Great Rhea, now you know you didn’t grow an inch since 3rd year high school” but Thank God I’ve learned to embrace my height. Besides not everyone can fit their prom dress 11 years after prom. As for the dress? I kept it coz it’s a classic.

Mugshot Photo. Haha.


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