My Bohemian Cover-Up

(HAT: Icing/ DRESS: Rue 21/ SHOES:fringe/ CLUTCH: from Pauline and Marie/ RING: H&M; from Veronica/ NECKLACE: thrifted)

What I love about the Bohemian look is it’s “free-spiritedness”, it is unconventional and most of the time avant-garde unless you tweak it a bit and make it conform to certain standards which in my case when I wore this outfit was the church’s standards. When I go for Bohemian, it usually is whatever goes and whatever I feel like wearing—let’s just say it’s my “comfort outfit” (if there is such a thing) and on this particular Sunday, I needed all the comfort I could get. I rummaged through my closet and opted for a sheer printed Bohemian tunic dress the I could easily slip-on. I was under the weather and feeling lousy when I went to the usual 9 am mass for my cantoring duties and I needed something comfortable and relaxed, to disguise my crappy self. I let the bohemian prints, the fringe details and a little dab of lipstick mask the watery eyes, the raspy throat and the runny nose. Sandra, our choir director, was nice enough to offer a substitute for me but I made that decision to sing that day anyway.

I’ve learned from my theater training that no matter what happens, the show must go on. And I’ve done that;I’ve gone on stage missing a prop, missing a part of my costume, missing a sound/light cue, I’ve continued acting while a slight wardrobe malfunction was happening and even performed right after I got discharged from the hospital after my tonsils gave up on me. They say in the world of theater the only time you’re excused is when you’re dead. Harsh…I know but that’s pretty much what UP theater majors live by. And I said to myself if I’ve done all that for the love of theater than I have no excuse not to get on that podium today; I’m doing this for my love of God. St. Augustine says that “He who sings, prays twice”, I held on to that thought when I sang that Responsorial Psalm. The funniest thing was when the lights went off and a power surge occurred right around the last verse of the psalm and I had to sing a capella in the dark. I knew that God was teasing me…Yes, the show must go on and so it did, the rest of the mass went by like a breeze. Mass was finished and I was relieved, as I got up and gathered my stuff a lady approached me and told me “Thank you for helping us pray today”, I smiled and gave a slight nod. Right then and there I knew that HE helped me make the right decision.  I am overwhelmed.

Bohemian Tresses: Working my just-got-out-of-bed-hair

♫ Smile though your nose is runny..haha ♫

The Standard Autumn Color Palette: different shades of browns, reds and mustard.

…and then there were Mint Green toe-nails. Haha. I need a pedicure.


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