Past Revisited

(DRESS: Bangkok streets/ BELT: thrifted/ SHOES: Material Girl/ PURSE: from Mita Bo/ RING: Charlotte Russe/ BANGLES: Forever 21)

Dressed up for a mini-batch Reunion with batch mates who happen to be in town.

Flaunting florals

Tear-drop shaped peeptoes

Hair buns make me look like a boy

Back in high school, everyone had their own clique or posse as kids nowadays would want to call it. I’m glad that 10 years after graduation, I have strong-friendships from my batch even outside that so-called group. Thank you, SHS-G! (our all-girls school that doesn’t exist anymore ever since they made it co-ed)

Hearters don’t have ugly handwriting. #shsg #heartersinhouston

Regina, Adelh, Chloe, Jerry and Nicole at Pappa’s Seafood

“Because tonight just proved that you DO meet real friends in kindergarten. Had a great time catching up with girls I haven’t seen in years but have known my whole life! Till next time dearies.”

~Rhea (Regina)

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