Cena Favolosa!


(TOP: crop, striped; from Mita Bo/ VEST: denim; Rave Max/ SKIRT: sheer; from Mommy Babe/ PURSE: Michael Kors/ SANDALS: SM Department Store/ EARRINGS: thrifted from an estate sale/ BRACELET: studded leather; Forever 21/ WATCH: New York and Company/ RING: Forever 21)


Props to Roxi for the sumptuous dinner (and wine of course), as expected nothing short of fabulous. Thanks my dearest for hosting a catch-up/ “welcome-Marco” dinner. I would’ve probably just kept him to myself if it weren’t for you.  You are  much appreciated, my love!

With us the waiting game is fun—we take tons of photos. Haha.

Such a lovely candid photo of the Garcias.

Mi Marco. Te amo. 

Once again, Vynna starring as ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Excuse my humongous arms.

When Roxi hosts…she HOSTS. Thanks my love!

Napkin He/ART/: “Cat in Control”

The healthy…

…and the not so healthy. To die-for.

Blessed with this bunch. Thank God!

The entire wall was a mirror—I couldn’t resist. #selfie


Little Mademoiselle

It gets tiring—those countless times when you try to dress your age so people know that you’re a lot older than you look  but then it backfires and they see nothing but a little girl who’s trying hard to look all grown-up. Hah. I’ve given up this battle.

Aren’t you 14, 18, 21…

too young to get engaged..

too young to get married…

in a relationship for 10 years? so were you 8 when you had a boyfriend?

how many years till you’re done with nursing school?

Tsk. I’ve heard it all. I’ll take whatever, besides I know I’ll eventually enjoy this when I’m a lot  older. #feeling18almost30

I’d like to age gracefully like my mom.


(DRESS: pleated polka dot; from the Philippines/ PURSE: gold clutch; thrifted/ SHOES: Wet Seal/ EARRINGS: Aldo/ WATCH: New York and Company)


#ootd for Sunday. Singing at Church again today.


Feeling a lil bit too demure


Sophisticated Sunday or School Girl Sunday?


School Girl Collars






Destination: New Braunfels, Texas

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.” 
― Walt Whitman

In my favorite Kaftan (holding my one-legged teddy keychain)

Departing Station—that’s a long line of tubes.

For Snap Lopa. Love, Marco.

Steady-Pulso si Marco

Chillin in my tube. Can this thing go faster!

Kini (short for kinit-an) the dog who tubes. Haha

Who gets cramps while tubing? I DO. Glad I had my personal Doctor with me. Love you Marc!

Taking a break from the tube.

Best Way to end a Day of Tubing—Rudy’s Pulled Pork.


Destination: Washington, D.C

September 6 – 9, 2013

The first time I looked up the day of my birthday for 2013 I was already ecstatic that it was going to fall on a Saturday. Having Marco here just in time for our birthdays was no coincidence at all, I strongly believe HE intended it to be this way. My fiance arrived the 1st of September–this is the first time I’m seeing him since he proposed back in 05/24/2012, this is the first time in 5 years we’re celebrating our birthdays together and this is the first time we’re taking a trip just the two of us.

Day 1: September 6, 2013- Marco’s Birthday

In the wee hours of Marco’s birthday, we drove off and left Bluee (my Rav4) in one of Hobby Airport’s park and flys. After a 2.5-hour flight to Washington DC ( Southwest Airlines all the way!), we finally made it. The first agenda as tourists was to hail a cab and meet up with Tito Mel at DuPont Circle Hotel.  Tito Mel, knowing the private person that you are, I promise I will only say this once—THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF EVERY LITTLE DETAIL OF THIS TRIP, IN OUR BOOK YOU WILL ALWAYS BE TOP TIER. There, I said it.

What welcomed us at our room

After checking-in to our wonderful suite, we had a welcome Lunch with wine just downstairs at Cafe DuPont.

Next Stop. Our first ever Tourist Activity—NEWSEUM.

Interesting read on the Berlin Wall

Marco hanging out with America’s Most Wanted (of all times)

Pulitzer Photos: Each Photo Tells a Story

“I’m thinking just keep shooting…”

Night Time: Got tickets to the exclusive Big Bus Party at the Gaylord National resort and Convention Center in Mary Land. Yes, I got wasted.

Day 2: September 7, 2013- My Birthday

Just downstairs, where I tried to cure my hangover. 1st attempt—fail.

At the Smithsonian National Art and Space Museum.

This is how they take a bath in space.

Washington Monument behind us is under construction

A quick shot with Lincoln. We were trying to avoid the swarm of tourists and a gay wedding just outside the Lincoln Memorial.

 A very solemn structure—the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Snapped a quick shot of the infamous elephant National Museum of Natural History as we were purchasing tickets to the IMAX show.

Excited to watch The Ultimate Wave Tahiti starring World Champion surfer Kelly Slater

Why hello there birth stone.

Night Time: Appetizer at Tito Mel’s pad, Steak Dinner at Morton’s and after dinner drinks at the happening Cafe Milano.

How Sweet! they personalized our menu <see top of menu>

Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your Engagement! Best Birthday Dinner ever.

Day 3: September 8, 2013- Mama Mary’s Birthday

Started our day with Sunday mass at the memorable St. Matthew’s Cathedral.

The Cathedral is famously known to be the venue where President Kennedy’s funeral was held. A more unknown fact about the cathedral that fellow Filipinos might want to know is that the first notable funeral Mass offered there was for Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon.

In Memory of President Kennedy

Grandeur of St. Matthew;s Pipe Organ

Admiring Up-Close Renaissance architecture

A lot of walking today—Marco and Rhea’s footwear choice.

Arlington Cemetery:  call me morbid but I get a bit giddy upon entering cemeteries

Outside one of the White House’s wings

DC street view at a distance

Wonderful arches found outside DC’s Union Station. The insides were under construction.

A not working fountain outside the Union Station.I wish they could restore it to it’s original state instead of it smelling like pee and hobos.  Still impressed with it’s sculpture and design.

I Spy Museum: They have an entire section dedicated to James Bond. Bond Girls, Villains and all…

She doesn’t look much of a spy, noh?

…and the Kagaguhan starts here—Madame Tussaud’s.

This is how we maximized our Madame Tussaud’s tickets. Sorry respectable figures of the United States—it’s nothing personal, we were just goofing around.


September 9, 2013: Last Day

Craving for culture and the arts for both Renaissance and Modern satisfied at the National Gallery of Art.

Special Exhibition on Serge Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes —truly unforgettable. No picture taking allowed but I snuck one.

Carmine’s— our last meal in DC. Definitely a must-try Italian family dining.

Dropped by DC’s Chinatown, or what’s left of it.


Thank you DC and Thank you Tito Mel. Until we meet again.

~Rhea (and Marco)

Mod Hepburn Dreams

(DRESS: New York/ SHOES: Image/ PURSE: Forever 21/ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21/ EARRINGS: Aldo)

If Audrey Hepburn went Mod

The bun, the sunglasses…all we ‘re missing is a Tiffany and Co. (and Marco)

Less gigantic Imelda Marcos-inspired sleeves

SUNDAY: It’s a lovely day to be a lady….And did I mention my fiance is FINALLY flying in from the Philippines!!!!


Here’s a photo summary of anxiety at it’s best, I picked Marco up from IAH later that night.

Oh, did I ever mention that this is the first time I get to be with my fiance eversince he proposed?

And as always, thanks to Marco’s mom, Tita Pili, for sending us all the Bacolod goodies!

Caramel Tarts. Pastiellas de Manga. Piyaya. Bueno Sardines. Tawilis. Squid Rings. Butterscotch, Barquiron…..I DIE.