Mod Hepburn Dreams

(DRESS: New York/ SHOES: Image/ PURSE: Forever 21/ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21/ EARRINGS: Aldo)

If Audrey Hepburn went Mod

The bun, the sunglasses…all we ‘re missing is a Tiffany and Co. (and Marco)

Less gigantic Imelda Marcos-inspired sleeves

SUNDAY: It’s a lovely day to be a lady….And did I mention my fiance is FINALLY flying in from the Philippines!!!!


Here’s a photo summary of anxiety at it’s best, I picked Marco up from IAH later that night.

Oh, did I ever mention that this is the first time I get to be with my fiance eversince he proposed?

And as always, thanks to Marco’s mom, Tita Pili, for sending us all the Bacolod goodies!

Caramel Tarts. Pastiellas de Manga. Piyaya. Bueno Sardines. Tawilis. Squid Rings. Butterscotch, Barquiron…..I DIE.


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