Little Mademoiselle

It gets tiring—those countless times when you try to dress your age so people know that you’re a lot older than you look  but then it backfires and they see nothing but a little girl who’s trying hard to look all grown-up. Hah. I’ve given up this battle.

Aren’t you 14, 18, 21…

too young to get engaged..

too young to get married…

in a relationship for 10 years? so were you 8 when you had a boyfriend?

how many years till you’re done with nursing school?

Tsk. I’ve heard it all. I’ll take whatever, besides I know I’ll eventually enjoy this when I’m a lot  older. #feeling18almost30

I’d like to age gracefully like my mom.


(DRESS: pleated polka dot; from the Philippines/ PURSE: gold clutch; thrifted/ SHOES: Wet Seal/ EARRINGS: Aldo/ WATCH: New York and Company)


#ootd for Sunday. Singing at Church again today.


Feeling a lil bit too demure


Sophisticated Sunday or School Girl Sunday?


School Girl Collars






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