Those “Ugly” Sneaker Wedges

Proud as it may sound, but I’ve never been insecure of my height, I guess I’ve been tiny long enough to even want to be taller that what I am today. Although I’d have to admit I was a bit relieved to have reached that point in my life where I can just choose to slip into some 5-inch heels to give me a “boost” when need be.

Of course, being with Marco gives me a lifetime excuse to wear heels until my legs are old and weak.

<insert hilaw smile>

The thought of  a lifetime of stilettos, wedges and all kinds of heels to lessen that 1-ruler gap between my height and Marco’s height was not as amusing as I thought—it just killed me.

 French Designer Isabel Marant then came up with the most ingenious design a few seasons back—the Sneaker Wedges also coined at one point as “Summer’s Ugliest Trend”.  Call it tacky, bulky,  hideous, Love it or Hate it, let’s face it—those things are damn comfy and they still give me those few inches that I need. It’s no surprise that shoe designers of all walks of life joined in the band wagon and came up with their own version (or knock offs whichever term you prefer) when it first came out and now that this trend is slowly dying down (or has it died yet?) I can bring my own pair out of the closet and put it to good use. I still think it’s great to keep for those casual laid -back/lazy days when you want to take a break from those pretty, sexy heels. Well, that’s just me anyway.

(BEANIE: knitted; Forever 21/ TOP: thrifted/ SKIRT: from Pauline and Marie; Image/ SHOES: Sneaker Wedges; Charlotte Russe/ PURSE: from Mom and Pop; Michael Kors/ BANGLE: Forever 21/ WATCH: New York and Company)

Dressing Up this “hideous” pair

Side View: Sneaker Wedges (I honestly think they’re not that bad)

Happy coz I’m comfy (and not as short, haha)

Purse of the Month: Michael Kors Large Weston Pebbled Shoulder Bag; a birthday gift from the ‘rents

Sorry Isabel Marant, you may consider this Charlotte Russe pair as knock-offs from yours and they’re probably not as comfortable as yours but there’s no way I’m spending $695 on sneaker wedges.


2 thoughts on “Those “Ugly” Sneaker Wedges

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