Mendezona- Ramas Civil Wedding

On October 17, 2013, my fiancé and I decided to get married civilly in Houston, Texas when he came to visit me—-exactly a month before our 10 year anniversary and 8 months before our church wedding in the Philippines. We could have opted to just get married exactly on our 10th year anniversary but he had to fly home to the Philippines earlier for a much needed follow up appointment with his eye doctor.

Long Distance Relationships are no joke and we weren’t taking any more risks, 7 years of LDR should be enough! The earlier we got married, the earlier we could process our papers and the sooner we don’t have to be apart anymore, that was the simple logic behind this. To those who wondered why we couldn’t wait for a few more months until the church wedding, try putting yourselves in our shoes and going through what we did…spending the holidays and special occasions with Skype dates, waiting for the other person to wake up because he’s still asleep in the other side of the world just to tell him what’s troubling you, constantly saving up to fly every 1 year and a half just to see each other for 30 days or so… maybe you’ll be singing a different tune. I don’t wish for anyone to go through LDRs, it can get tough and lonely and sad and miserable, it truly is a test of the strength of your relationship but in the same breath I can say that I would not want to change what Marco and I went through. It taught us patience and perseverance (we’re still both working on this) and it made us realize how much we loved each other.

Marco, Rhea—nervous much?

John, practicing his ring bearer duties.

Saying our vows

Our First Legal Kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Marco Mendezona.

Ceremony Done! It lasted for 10- 15 minutes. Wow, that was quick.

The judge handing us out marriage certificate.

This is the real thing, it’s legit, sweetie. Haha

Thank you pop and Javi for flying all the way from LA just to be with us, for the Tupas(es) for being there to support us on this special day and for my dad for making it just in time for the ceremony (still jet lagged from the Philippines). Mom, we missed you on this day and God knows how much we wanted you and the rest to be here.


Heading out to Prima Pasta for our “mini-reception”

Cake Cutting

We’re practicing for the actual day

The Mendezonas

(…and missing a whole lot of them)

The Ramas(es)

Thanks so much to family and close friends who made it to this last minute gathering. Special shout out to my boss, Tita Clavel for being on top of things, for helping us settle down in Prima Pasta, getting us the cake and for lending us your special wedding cake plate and silverware.

Oh yeah, Mom, Pop…thanks for this (you know what I mean). I love you!


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