Fur-ocious in my Peg Leg Pants

From the InStyle March 2012 Issue and originally in the late 1980’s just around the same time I was born. I tell you..things just keep coming back. (COAT: Fur Shrug; Shasa/ PANTS: Peg-leg; bazaar find from Cebu/ TOP: tank top; H&M/ SHOES: Dollhouse/ BEANIE: Forever 21/ BELT: skinny; thrifted/ PURSE: vintage sling; thrifted/ BANGLES: Forever […]

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Today’s Turban Story

I might have been my parents’ first born child but I was no stranger to having kuyas (older brothers). My older cousins were mostly boys and those 2 months in a year that we’d fly to Manila for the summer break was any tweener’s nightmare. Let’s just say I got teased a LOT, I cried […]

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Oreo, the shoe-chewer

On one unfortunate day, my sister who will not be named in this story (you have 4 guesses) borrowed something from my closet. To those who pretty much know my life story—yes, I come from a big family of mostly girls and they’re all growing up so fast. From two sisters invading my closet, It […]

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