Oreo, the shoe-chewer

On one unfortunate day, my sister who will not be named in this story (you have 4 guesses) borrowed something from my closet. To those who pretty much know my life story—yes, I come from a big family of mostly girls and they’re all growing up so fast. From two sisters invading my closet, It quickly escalated to 3 and then to 4. Now I have four little gremlins in my closet and being the “wonderful” ate that I am usually let them borrow whatever they need. (Note to Pauline, Marie, Angelie and Nicole: you have to agree or else I won’t lend you any of my stuff ever again, haha) .

So I came home from a long day at work and the first thing my little brother, John, tells me is “Ate, Oreo chewed your shoes”. I am very anal when it comes to my stuff, let alone my shoes so I frantically ran upstairs in search of these “shoes”that he was talking about. I assumed it was one pair but noooooooo—–it was 3 and a half ( I say half, because the other one was perfectly fine). Of course Oreo had to pick my favorite pairs especially my gold pointed heels and for a minute there I thought I blacked out.

      <insert wrath of Rhea here>

I will not expound on what happened after that because things did get ugly although I did find out that Oreo has some anxiety issues ergo the chewing. Everyone learned a lesson that day; my sisters learned to NEVER leave my door open and to take care of stuff that they borrowed, Oreo learned to NEVER touch my shoes and my stuff  (I think I traumatized her with my screaming) and I learned to be optimistic and resourceful …or I tried to. Below are the boots that I revived from the tragic chewing of Oreo, I replaced the laces with extra ones from my tennis shoes and I got a razor and “ripped” the other pair to even it out. Let’s just say I tried to pass it off as the “grunge look”. <sigh>

(TOP: Nautical Striped longsleeves; Forever 21/ SHORTS: Vintage/ TURBAN: knitted; Forever 21/ SCARF: Icing/ BOOTS: Necessary Clothing/ EARRINGS: from Mommy Babe/ WATCH: New York and Company/ PURSE: birthday gift from Paolo and Lucia)

Feeling drab with the loss of 3 pairs of shoes

The Victim: My pair of boots that I bought from NYC during a birthday trip 2 or 3 years ago

The Culprit: OREO

(I think this photo can serve as her mugshot)


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