Today’s Turban Story

I might have been my parents’ first born child but I was no stranger to having kuyas (older brothers). My older cousins were mostly boys and those 2 months in a year that we’d fly to Manila for the summer break was any tweener’s nightmare. Let’s just say I got teased a LOT, I cried a LOT and my diary entries were read out loud a LOT.

This morning as I was putting on my turban, feeling all vintage-y, I stopped and heard one of my kuya’s voice in my head. And in the most sarcastic and annoying tone he says:

“Rhe, ano ka bombay o manghuhula?” (Are you a punjabi or a fortune-teller?–no racism intended)

Hai nako…I went ahead and wore my turban anyway, haha. I’m feeling loved right now, I miss you my kuyas.

(TURBAN: Blush; Luxury Divas/ DRESS: Buffalo Exchange, Denver/ SUNGLASSES: Floral Aviators; Shasa/PURSE: thrifted from Goodwill/ SHOES: Shasa/ EARRINGS: Vintage Floral; Aldo/ WATCH: New York and Company/ RING: Forever 21)

Btw, it’s my 10th Anniversary with Marco today. I love you Marco and I’m missing you already.:) #adecadeofus


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