Fur-ocious in my Peg Leg Pants


From the InStyle March 2012 Issue and originally in the late 1980’s just around the same time I was born. I tell you..things just keep coming back.

(COAT: Fur Shrug; Shasa/ PANTS: Peg-leg; bazaar find from Cebu/ TOP: tank top; H&M/ SHOES: Dollhouse/ BEANIE: Forever 21/ BELT: skinny; thrifted/ PURSE: vintage sling; thrifted/ BANGLES: Forever 21/ WATCH: New York and Company)

A not-too thick faux fur shrug for the not-too cold winter weather here in Houston, TX

Cinch those ill-shapen high waist button up pants with a skinny belt. I prefer a pop of color.

These peep-toe booties are not as complicated as they look, in fact you just slip your foot in and tighten. That’s all to it.

This may sound soooo wrong but I do need ironing in the crotch area

The pants that stop right before the ankle—I decided to pair it with high-cut open toed booties to compensate for the length or should I say the lack-off.

Who says faux fur is always tacky? I beg to defer…faux fur is “friendly fur if you get my drift.

Oh yeah, those spectacles are real this time. Paid a visit to my eye doctor and although I’m not yet blind as a bat, it seems like I’m getting there. <oh, the frustration>


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