The Warmth after the Holiday Rush

(TOP: Knitted Poncho Sweater; from the ‘Rents/ STOCKINGS: Snakeskin Pattern/ BOOTS: Maripe; pointed ankle booties/ PURSE: NY & C; clutch from Pauline and Marie/ WATCH and BRACELET: NY & C/ EARRINGS: Icing; Chandelier from Pauline and Marie)

A smile that says ” I got a bunch of stuff I wanted for Christmas. Yay.”

If you have no one to cuddle with in this “cuddle season” then I suggest you go for a poncho sweater to keep you warm. Besides, I think poncho sweaters should be a winter staple—they are truly effortlessly chic.

Sporting the “messy-bun” look

This outfit’s burst of color.

Emerald is such a pretty color amidst a bunch of neutrals.

One of the first few pairs of shoes that I bought when we first moved here 7 years ago. I purchased it with my brother’s employee discount from Rack Room Shoes. <sigh> Those were the days…shoes were limitless.


It’s a few days after Christmas—three days to be exact. I’ve been running on caffeine the past few days and it’s been getting harder to mask the dark circles around my eyes. It didn’t help that Christmas fell on a Wednesday too, right smack in the middle of the week. Well, today, I am determined to get some R&R and enjoy this cold weather in my new poncho sweater that I got from mom and pop with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. Btw, I’m wearing a bunch of Christmas presents from mi familia and I love ’em all to pieces. Enjoy this cold weather while it lasts… with Houston weather, you never know.


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