Bacolod: Of Babies and Pigging Out

Dropped by Bacolod before flying back to Houston to take a break from running wedding errands and also to see Marco’s family, especially the babies!!! Seeing my adorable godson, Mateo, for the first time. Look at that handsome smile! After eating, Diego memes (nap). He grabs a pillow, puts it on the floor and pretends to sleep, […]

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Destination: Cebu,Philippines

Cebu will always have a special place in my heart, the city that fashioned a million and one of my fondest childhood memories, the city that taught me to dream. In it’s streets I look for that surge of familiarity but I see nothing, just remnants of my past. The feeling of being a stranger […]

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Candy Colors and Carrie Diaries

Carrie Diaries —  the story of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw way before Sex and the City and is currently one of my ultimate guilty pleasures. Yes, very guilty as charged. Growing up in the traditional, conservative Philippines, I’ve always steered away from the Sex and the City series on HBO mainly because of 2 reasons: #1: It […]

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