Destination: Cebu,Philippines

Cebu will always have a special place in my heart, the city that fashioned a million and one of my fondest childhood memories, the city that taught me to dream. In it’s streets I look for that surge of familiarity but I see nothing, just remnants of my past. The feeling of being a stranger in your own home is indescribable—it’s a bit painful. But seeing the people that I love and the people that I grew up with make up for that sadness I feel every time I go “home”.Clearly, I missed out a lot and I can’t say that I know my “home” anymore but maybe one day, if given the chance Cebu will feel like home again. Maybe.


Here are random photos of my stay in Cebu:

(more photos on Faecbook)

Wine Night at La Vie. They were right, the ambiance is lovely.

Quickly, spot my old Nokia flip phone.:)

Great company—although half the time I was mixing my Cebuano, Tagalog and English. Thanks Gels, Thanks Jau for wine night in Cebu. (and to think I’m supposedly the one from here, right?)

After the crazy traffic, we finally checked in at White Sands. Dinner with Ninang Ofel, Papa Berns and Mama Joy.

Our room for the night

…And by the way Gels, we found your chocolate. CEBU, baby!

Childhood Memories: White Sands

The much needed Rest and Relaxation while waiting for my ride

Being a loner in Cebu while my fiance was studying for his board exams

The new section of White Sands that I haven’t seen before where I spent most of my time swimming—alone. Haha.

Random Sunday Lunch out with the Family at Lantaw. Thanks Mommy and Daddy!

Lami-a uy. 

My Cebu Family (mom’s side): The Tabaquero- Odilaos

The Traditional Philippine Jeep de Pasahero

After Lantaw, we had a side trip to the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

My grandparents…after more than 50 years they still are the sweetest.

Outside San Pedro Calungsod— Notice the very modern architectural design of this chapel.

First time I got to see my Cebu lovies at Kei and Nino’s Engagement Party.

<Lon, Ating, Dadz, Me, Kei and Kat with the boys Paul and Waning>

Tyns, Bani, Dadz and I—Dinner at Casino Espanol.

When dinner became wine night at Casino Espanol. Nothing beats childhood friends

<Kabs, Tyns, Dadz, Me, Bani and Macho>

Ongoing repairs outside the Cathedral. Praying that they’re done by the time of the wedding.

The inside of the Cathedral on a regular day.

Outside Ayala Center Mall, where we usually hang out on Saturdays. I almost didn’t recognize it, it’s changed so much.

Pagdaong Sa Talisay: Where the Americans docked in 1945 which eventually lead to the freedom of the City of Cebu and the surrender of the Japanese. Funny how the locals treat this place like dirt, so much for Philippine History.

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