Bacolod: Of Babies and Pigging Out

Dropped by Bacolod before flying back to Houston to take a break from running wedding errands and also to see Marco’s family, especially the babies!!!

Seeing my adorable godson, Mateo, for the first time. Look at that handsome smile!

After eating, Diego memes (nap). He grabs a pillow, puts it on the floor and pretends to sleep, How cute is that?!?

Mateo, Diego and Yaya Diday joining me for breakfast.

Brotherly love. Probably like Marco and Nacho when they were kids. Awww….

So Pauline gave me the most recent episodes of Carrie Diaries and the first season of Reign to watch in my room and this little guy jumps up on my bed, lies down next to me with his little stash to nibble and he stays there and decides to keep me company the entire time. He’s such a palangga.

Date at Timezone with Little Diego.

He likes to play “the ducky”

He’s pretty good in basketball.

He likes playing with drums

And I think he’s already very eager to drive. Haha

Then I brought him to Payless and bought him those Spider Man shoes that lights up.

Ayala at Night.


When in Bacolod, you can’t help but try out a number of the food places they’re known for. Eating out is a must so we went to…

Manokan Country





(Try their Steak Salpicao)



…and last but not the least

I finally got to try Ohana Musubi’s Spam Musubi. It’s to die on the link and check ’em out.

Little Paola with My flower girls Xime and Natya.

Mateo and Mikel

One last photo with this happy baby, Ninang will miss you so much.

Thanks so much Mendezonas for having me. See you in a few months at the wedding!

Here’s a video of Diego on my first day in Bacolod. 🙂


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