Lace Is Always an Option

Lace Is Always An Option2

(TOP: Lace Sweater; American Dream/ SKIRT: Skater skirt; A’gaci/ PURSE: Feminine Blush Sling; Forever 21/ HEELS: Blush Anklestrap Peeptoes; Shasa/ WATCH & NECKLACE: from Mom/ BANGLES: skinny assorted; Forever 21/ EARRINGS & RING: from Roxi)

Lace Is Always An Option3

Lace Is Always An Option1

Vintage Finds from Roxi’s Stash.

Spot the Unicorn.

Lace Is Always An Option4

There’s Sweater Weather in which according to the Urban Dictionary is “when the weather gets cooler and all the fat chicks can wear sweaters to hide there hideous bodies.” (Okaaayyy…how cheeky is that?)

…and there’s Lace Sweater Weather in which I think is “when the weather isn’t that cold and there really is no reason for you to wear those thick, bulky, sweaters but you want to wear one anyway so you opt for a cute lacey one as not to sweat to your death in this damning heat.”

So to all sweater enthusiasts, you definitely can wear sweaters any time of the year—just make sure to pick the appropriate sweater material so you don’t freeze to death nor sweat to death.  And to those who live in humid areas of the world like me, remember Lace is always an option, don’t choose to stink and sweat it out.



Tweak and Repeat

I usually wait for a good 3-6 months before repeating a dress especially if its something people notice like a printed floral one but I figured wearing it in two different places around different people should be okay, and if you love it so much then why not, right?  Enjoying this comfortable peplum dress, now off to church. #vintageflowers

(DRESS: Floral; 5,7,9/ SWEATER: Mossimo/ HEELS: Wet Seal/ BRIEFCASE: thrifted/ EARRINGS: from Roxi/ BANGLES: F21 and Charming Charlie)

Sitting this one out

Necklace and Earrings from Roxi’s vintage stash. Thanks mane!

Keeping it simple, long gold necklace against the floral dress.

Fell in love with the texture of this briefcase. The previous owner didn’t even get the chance to use this. A good thrift find at $10.

 Crisscrossed and Complicated.

Oh, and here’s the only other time that I wore this lovely, a month and a half ago in Cebu for Kei and Nino’s engagement party. #itsmorefuninthephilippines

Have a blessed Sunday!