Bridal Shower #1: Sweet Pastels

“We can’t wait to hand out the invitations, they’re so YOU”

It all started when these two wonderful sisters that I met in the St. Angela Merici Choir decided to throw me a bridal shower, and true to their word they did.

The invitations? Oh they were right alright, it was so ME. Just after my own heart,

These things taste good as they look, I promise.

Matching centerpiece—invitations, platelets, cups, table cover, food, EVERYTHING.

R for is for Regina Ramas. Cookieeeesssss!!!

Table Set-Up.

Pin the Flower on the Wedding Dress. Would you believe my brother John won? Haha.

And they got me gifts… LOTS of it.

Opening one of the gifts, this one happens to be from the Tecsons

Last time I opened gifts in front of everyone was when I was 10 I think, now I’m 27 and this was weird for me alright.

Thanks so much SAM Choir for having my family over too.

I wore pastels and accidentally matched the theme of the bridal shower. I guess my SAM family does know me too well.

Here it is—my St. Angela Merici Choir Family. I love this bunch.

And these are the two sisters responsible for this whole thing—Patty and Barbara. Thank you for this wonderful shower and for treating me and my family like your own. Love you both so much!

~Regina (Rhea)


Plains and Prints

(TOP: 5,7,9/ BOTTOM: Macy’s; from the parents/ FLATS: Wet Seal/ NECKLACE: Icing/ BRACELETS: Macrame; Walmart/ BANGLES: Assorted summer colors; F21/ RING: F21/ WALLET: floral, embroidered; Vietnam)

Other people refuse to dress up because they would ‘rather’ go for comfort than style… I beg to defer, I say you can go for both.

I was in dire need of my mint green statement necklace to break away from the loud and glaring colors of the rest of my outfit.

Affordable fancy jewelry from Forever 21, 4 bangles for the price of one (although I didn’t wear the pearl one for this outfit)

Macrame bracelets on the other hand with the same bright color palette balanced by the light pastels on this wallet I purchased from Ben Thanh during my trip to Vietnam a few years back

Aztec tribal prints on my pants

Don’t these remind you of genie shoes? I just love them, they are so comfortable


What to pair with my prints have always been a concern of mine, I am not too keen on making ‘prints on prints’ work just yet so I stick to the basics…pairing my prints with something plain.

The colors of this ensemble are perfect for summer, a play of brights and pastels. This one-piece spaghetti strap is the best piece  to survive the summer heat, it won’t give you that uneven tan that you normally get when wearing a shirt. I love wearing pieces with prints like these, they are so easy to play around with. The easiest trick in the book is to pick a color from the printed piece, (in this case, I had a dozen to choose from) and just go with it, take it as your bold, statement piece….I went with Candy Pink for this outfit. Accessorize and you’re good to go!


The Evening Clutch

(DRESS: from Mommy Babe/ SHOES: Vintage / NECKLACE & EARRINGS: Burlington Coat Factory/ BRACELET: Mama Mary Cuff; from Vynna/ BANGLES: assorted; from Roxi and Mita Bo/ RING: Elephant; F21/ CLUTCH: SM Department Store; from Ate Jemma)

This evening clutch has probably been with me for a decade now. My cousin gave it to me as a birthday gift and it was one of the first decent clutches I ever owned. I love how it already is a statement piece because of its bold and bright color.

This bib necklace is quickly becoming a closet favorite, it practically goes with anything and is really very light to wear unlike those heavy, dragging ones that give your neck a workout.

Took advantage of the ‘Tan-Aqua’ tandem of the dress and the clutch and made use of bits and baubles that had assorted aztec colors. Of course I also made silver predominantly present in the ensemble.

Been wanting cute peep-toes with the vintage vibe and coincidentally saw these babies sitting inside a shop a few years back. I told myself that if it came in my size then it’s meant for me. It did.

Definitely one of my good buys too…it was less than $20.

People sometimes take things literally…so literal that I’ve gotten a bunch of “Oh, you use your ‘evening clutch’ as a daytime purse? you can do that?” comment, as if it was the most ‘off’ thing they’ve ever seen. Sure, telling them to mind their own business would’ve been convenient but I just let them be.

So I’ve used this purse mostly at  formal events and evening functions, I’ve brought it to weddings, theater galas and even clubbing. Yes, it’s material is satin and there are little gems on the little dragonfly on the clutch so that when light hits it, it sparkles. But it does’t mean its exclusively made for that purpose only, there is such a thing as dressing down your wardrobe and it will be up to the other pieces that you incorporate to your look to define the entire outfit.

Today, I paired off my clutch with a casual dress, most likely made out of cotton and I decided to put my hair in a messy high bun, by doing so I just dressed down the ‘evening clutch’ and gave it a more laid back vibe. Easy peasy.

Yes, I used my evening clutch as a daytime purse…and yes, I can do that. #donthate


The Kimono Dress

(DRESS: 168/ PURSE: Harrods; from IVL/ SHOES: Image/ EARRINGS: Icing; from Pauline and Marie/ NECKLACE: from Roxi)

We all know Kimonos originated from Japan, it is after all their women’s traditional garment. Anyone who’s seen Memoirs of a Geisha should know what I’m talking about. What I don’t know is wear the term Kimono Dress originated from. Unlike their original counterparts, these kimono dresses are short instead of the traditional full length robe and have 3/4 draping sleeves instead of covering the full arm. These dresses have a V-neckline and have a sash used to tighten the dress around the waist just like the obi from the original kimono. They may be an evolution of the traditional kimono and may have lost the real essence of why one wears this garment but I’m thankful to whoever thought of introducing this to mainstream fashion because kimono dresses are undoubtedly one of the comfiest dresses out there right now and it is very easy to wear—-you slip it on and tie the sash around your waist and you’re done. One thing that has not changed is the beautiful prints on these dresses, they usually come in summer floral or autumn prints.

Obsession over the color Emerald Green drove my sisters to get me these cute dangling pair from Icing. I’m not sure if it was due to too much watching of the broadway play Wicked but I was seriously planning to get me a pair, they just beat me to it.

The long gold necklace, on the other hand, was one of the items I got from Roxi while she was cleaning out her closet. She was handing out necklaces, earrings and bracelets like crazy.

Who hasn’t heard about Harrods? This little Harrods tote I have was a present from one of my closest friends,Ivy, during her recent Eurotrip.


When Duty Calls


The Military Look

(DRESS: Hoodie; from Tita Joy & Tito Bernard/ VEST: Forever 21/ PURSE: Valentino clutch/ SHOES: Qupid/ EARRINGS: Givenchy; from Roxi/ BRACELET: thrifted, $5/ WATCH: thrifted, $10)

Sporting the military look can be kind of tricky, it’s hard not to get carried away with the camouflage uniform, sewn-in badges and those round shiny gold buttons that just make the entire outfit look official. Keep in mind that we’re going for a “look” and not a “costume”. The key is to incorporate military pieces into an outfit that we’d wear on a casual day, like wearing an all-black ensemble and maybe throwing in a double-breasted coat over or the typical white top and denim jeans tandem pair it off with a camouflage jacket, accessorize with a cute dog tag to complete the outfit.

In my case, I picked an olive dress hoodie that I’ve had since I was in grade school. I think we can all agree that we unconsciously associate the color olive green to the “military look” and that is how the term “army green” came about, that color is actually a darker shade of the olive green we know. Cinched the dress with a skinny black belt to create an illusion of curves (haha) and threw in a military button vest that I got from Vynna.

No duffel bags and backpacks here, I picked a dainty clutch instead.

I could have opted for cutout combat boots to make the outfit more casual (and more military) but I still wanted my outfit to have a feminine touch so I picked these heels with buttoned straps, it still had the military feel and the same time it gave me the few inches that I needed badly.