Plains and Prints

(TOP: 5,7,9/ BOTTOM: Macy’s; from the parents/ FLATS: Wet Seal/ NECKLACE: Icing/ BRACELETS: Macrame; Walmart/ BANGLES: Assorted summer colors; F21/ RING: F21/ WALLET: floral, embroidered; Vietnam) Other people refuse to dress up because they would ‘rather’ go for comfort than style… I beg to defer, I say you can go for both. I was in dire […]

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The Evening Clutch

(DRESS: from Mommy Babe/ SHOES: Vintage / NECKLACE & EARRINGS: Burlington Coat Factory/ BRACELET: Mama Mary Cuff; from Vynna/ BANGLES: assorted; from Roxi and Mita Bo/ RING: Elephant; F21/ CLUTCH: SM Department Store; from Ate Jemma) This evening clutch has probably been with me for a decade now. My cousin gave it to me as a birthday […]

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The Kimono Dress

(DRESS: 168/ PURSE: Harrods; from IVL/ SHOES: Image/ EARRINGS: Icing; from Pauline and Marie/ NECKLACE: from Roxi) We all know Kimonos originated from Japan, it is after all their women’s traditional garment. Anyone who’s seen Memoirs of a Geisha should know what I’m talking about. What I don’t know is wear the term Kimono Dress originated […]

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When Duty Calls

The Military Look (DRESS: Hoodie; from Tita Joy & Tito Bernard/ VEST: Forever 21/ PURSE: Valentino clutch/ SHOES: Qupid/ EARRINGS: Givenchy; from Roxi/ BRACELET: thrifted, $5/ WATCH: thrifted, $10) Sporting the military look can be kind of tricky, it’s hard not to get carried away with the camouflage uniform, sewn-in badges and those round shiny […]

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Floral Flair

(TOP: Lace; Wet Seal/ PANTS: White Denim; Wet Seal/ PURSE: floral; Vera Bradley/ SHOES: lasercut peeptoes; Ross/ BRACELETS: colored macrame; Walmart and Catholic Charm Bracelet; made by Vynna/ NECKLACE: statement; Burlington Coat Factory/ RINGS: Forever 21) Yes, I am loving colors today, even my lips are colored in bright pink. 🙂 The macrame bracelets I […]

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Denim Hits

(SHRUG: denim; thrifted/ DRESS: floral tube dress; No Boundaries/ SHOES: lasercut peeptoes; Ross/ PURSE: purple studded sling; Forever 21/ SUNGLASSES: aviators; Forever 21/ EARRINGS: from Roxi; Givenchy) Florals tend be on the girly side, throw in a bunch of denims to make the outfit interesting and less feminine. The denim shrug was thrifted from the […]

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