Denim Hits

(SHRUG: denim; thrifted/ DRESS: floral tube dress; No Boundaries/ SHOES: lasercut peeptoes; Ross/ PURSE: purple studded sling; Forever 21/ SUNGLASSES: aviators; Forever 21/ EARRINGS: from Roxi; Givenchy)

Florals tend be on the girly side, throw in a bunch of denims to make the outfit interesting and less feminine.

The denim shrug was thrifted from the kids section. Originally, I think they were meant to be some little kid’s jacket but it fit me perfectly.

Threw in a pastel colored purse to balance out the bright and loud colors from my dress, I can always rely on studs to make a piece more playful.

Don’t mind the “sock marks”, just came from work and I had to change quickly to make it to my sister’s concert.


If you’re reading this post then it means that I’ve finally found time to work on my #OOTD backlog, you will probably be seeing it on a Thursday or a Friday as I will try to pass it for a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) or an #FBF (Flashback Friday), whichever works. It will also mean that I’m no longer in Houston and should currently be living in Manila and lastly it will mean that I’m officially married to Marco. Oh, the change. How exciting, Mrs. Marco Mendezona!

As of the moment, I’ve reassessed my closet and I’ve realized that  denims are really not my go-to thing. I guess I really am a floral dress- printed skirt type of girl and I feel so bad for my denims because they’re just literally sitting there gathering dust. It’s not that I don’t like them and I don’t think I look bad in them either, they’re just not my first option. There’s a million and one ways of wearing them but I just associate denims with being rugged and that’s just not me. Yesterday for example, I almost made it out the door wearing denim jeans but changed my mind last minute and opted for an easy to slip on summer dress similar to this one. Today, I was lucky enough to have survived grabbing this denim shrug like it was a no-brainer, I think it was my denim-consicence that convinced me. I’ll give it a few more months, if I still don’t see myself making an effort to work on those denims then I guess I have to get rid of them. Enough hoarding for me, my dad is going to kill me. Haha.


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