Floral Flair

(TOP: Lace; Wet Seal/ PANTS: White Denim; Wet Seal/ PURSE: floral; Vera Bradley/ SHOES: lasercut peeptoes; Ross/ BRACELETS: colored macrame; Walmart and Catholic Charm Bracelet; made by Vynna/ NECKLACE: statement; Burlington Coat Factory/ RINGS: Forever 21)

Yes, I am loving colors today, even my lips are colored in bright pink. 🙂

The macrame bracelets I have on are NOT Cruciani by the way. You can call them imitations but I just think they’re the generic ones.  I wasn’t ready to pay $5.50 for one and that’s just the cheapest one I found on Ebay. I think in Barney’s New York the prices start at $18 per bracelet. I understand they’re made in Italy and for all I know the real ones look better and fit better than the ones I have but I’d rather feed a bunch of kids on the street instead of splurging on a bunch of these, no offense meant. In the Philippines that would range from P250-P800+ per bracelet. Btw, I got 12 of these in different colors and designs from the clearance section of Walmart. I got them for $0.25-$0.50—that’s around P11-P22 in pesos, now that I can do. #practicality #bargainshopper #thrifter

My 1st ever Vera Bradley purse ℅ the Babas Family. Rico got my name during our Kris Cringle and this is what he got me. I truly love it, thanks so much!

From yesterday’s ensemble; I think these pair are easily becoming a favorite of mine.


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