When Duty Calls


The Military Look

(DRESS: Hoodie; from Tita Joy & Tito Bernard/ VEST: Forever 21/ PURSE: Valentino clutch/ SHOES: Qupid/ EARRINGS: Givenchy; from Roxi/ BRACELET: thrifted, $5/ WATCH: thrifted, $10)

Sporting the military look can be kind of tricky, it’s hard not to get carried away with the camouflage uniform, sewn-in badges and those round shiny gold buttons that just make the entire outfit look official. Keep in mind that we’re going for a “look” and not a “costume”. The key is to incorporate military pieces into an outfit that we’d wear on a casual day, like wearing an all-black ensemble and maybe throwing in a double-breasted coat over or the typical white top and denim jeans tandem pair it off with a camouflage jacket, accessorize with a cute dog tag to complete the outfit.

In my case, I picked an olive dress hoodie that I’ve had since I was in grade school. I think we can all agree that we unconsciously associate the color olive green to the “military look” and that is how the term “army green” came about, that color is actually a darker shade of the olive green we know. Cinched the dress with a skinny black belt to create an illusion of curves (haha) and threw in a military button vest that I got from Vynna.

No duffel bags and backpacks here, I picked a dainty clutch instead.

I could have opted for cutout combat boots to make the outfit more casual (and more military) but I still wanted my outfit to have a feminine touch so I picked these heels with buttoned straps, it still had the military feel and the same time it gave me the few inches that I needed badly.


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