The Kimono Dress

(DRESS: 168/ PURSE: Harrods; from IVL/ SHOES: Image/ EARRINGS: Icing; from Pauline and Marie/ NECKLACE: from Roxi)

We all know Kimonos originated from Japan, it is after all their women’s traditional garment. Anyone who’s seen Memoirs of a Geisha should know what I’m talking about. What I don’t know is wear the term Kimono Dress originated from. Unlike their original counterparts, these kimono dresses are short instead of the traditional full length robe and have 3/4 draping sleeves instead of covering the full arm. These dresses have a V-neckline and have a sash used to tighten the dress around the waist just like the obi from the original kimono. They may be an evolution of the traditional kimono and may have lost the real essence of why one wears this garment but I’m thankful to whoever thought of introducing this to mainstream fashion because kimono dresses are undoubtedly one of the comfiest dresses out there right now and it is very easy to wear—-you slip it on and tie the sash around your waist and you’re done. One thing that has not changed is the beautiful prints on these dresses, they usually come in summer floral or autumn prints.

Obsession over the color Emerald Green drove my sisters to get me these cute dangling pair from Icing. I’m not sure if it was due to too much watching of the broadway play Wicked but I was seriously planning to get me a pair, they just beat me to it.

The long gold necklace, on the other hand, was one of the items I got from Roxi while she was cleaning out her closet. She was handing out necklaces, earrings and bracelets like crazy.

Who hasn’t heard about Harrods? This little Harrods tote I have was a present from one of my closest friends,Ivy, during her recent Eurotrip.


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