The Evening Clutch

(DRESS: from Mommy Babe/ SHOES: Vintage / NECKLACE & EARRINGS: Burlington Coat Factory/ BRACELET: Mama Mary Cuff; from Vynna/ BANGLES: assorted; from Roxi and Mita Bo/ RING: Elephant; F21/ CLUTCH: SM Department Store; from Ate Jemma)

This evening clutch has probably been with me for a decade now. My cousin gave it to me as a birthday gift and it was one of the first decent clutches I ever owned. I love how it already is a statement piece because of its bold and bright color.

This bib necklace is quickly becoming a closet favorite, it practically goes with anything and is really very light to wear unlike those heavy, dragging ones that give your neck a workout.

Took advantage of the ‘Tan-Aqua’ tandem of the dress and the clutch and made use of bits and baubles that had assorted aztec colors. Of course I also made silver predominantly present in the ensemble.

Been wanting cute peep-toes with the vintage vibe and coincidentally saw these babies sitting inside a shop a few years back. I told myself that if it came in my size then it’s meant for me. It did.

Definitely one of my good buys too…it was less than $20.

People sometimes take things literally…so literal that I’ve gotten a bunch of “Oh, you use your ‘evening clutch’ as a daytime purse? you can do that?” comment, as if it was the most ‘off’ thing they’ve ever seen. Sure, telling them to mind their own business would’ve been convenient but I just let them be.

So I’ve used this purse mostly at  formal events and evening functions, I’ve brought it to weddings, theater galas and even clubbing. Yes, it’s material is satin and there are little gems on the little dragonfly on the clutch so that when light hits it, it sparkles. But it does’t mean its exclusively made for that purpose only, there is such a thing as dressing down your wardrobe and it will be up to the other pieces that you incorporate to your look to define the entire outfit.

Today, I paired off my clutch with a casual dress, most likely made out of cotton and I decided to put my hair in a messy high bun, by doing so I just dressed down the ‘evening clutch’ and gave it a more laid back vibe. Easy peasy.

Yes, I used my evening clutch as a daytime purse…and yes, I can do that. #donthate


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