Plains and Prints

(TOP: 5,7,9/ BOTTOM: Macy’s; from the parents/ FLATS: Wet Seal/ NECKLACE: Icing/ BRACELETS: Macrame; Walmart/ BANGLES: Assorted summer colors; F21/ RING: F21/ WALLET: floral, embroidered; Vietnam)

Other people refuse to dress up because they would ‘rather’ go for comfort than style… I beg to defer, I say you can go for both.

I was in dire need of my mint green statement necklace to break away from the loud and glaring colors of the rest of my outfit.

Affordable fancy jewelry from Forever 21, 4 bangles for the price of one (although I didn’t wear the pearl one for this outfit)

Macrame bracelets on the other hand with the same bright color palette balanced by the light pastels on this wallet I purchased from Ben Thanh during my trip to Vietnam a few years back

Aztec tribal prints on my pants

Don’t these remind you of genie shoes? I just love them, they are so comfortable


What to pair with my prints have always been a concern of mine, I am not too keen on making ‘prints on prints’ work just yet so I stick to the basics…pairing my prints with something plain.

The colors of this ensemble are perfect for summer, a play of brights and pastels. This one-piece spaghetti strap is the best piece  to survive the summer heat, it won’t give you that uneven tan that you normally get when wearing a shirt. I love wearing pieces with prints like these, they are so easy to play around with. The easiest trick in the book is to pick a color from the printed piece, (in this case, I had a dozen to choose from) and just go with it, take it as your bold, statement piece….I went with Candy Pink for this outfit. Accessorize and you’re good to go!


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