Bachelorette @ Distillery

The night before my wedding was definitely a night to remember because of all the craziness that occurred in one night. It’s hard to fathom how I even dared to go on a night out when I still had a lot of things to accomplish for the wedding. I  literally left my fiancé to do the seat plan with my mom because we decided last minute to do that instead of zoning the guests. I wasn’t sure of what I was going to wear, I didn’t have time to do my hair, I couldn’t even remember how to put my make up on so Jem had to do it for me—so I guess you can say I was a very stressed out bride, I didn’t feel pretty at all. But you know what, I just realized that having a strong support system in times like these can really help you out. It’s important to surround yourself with family and friends that try to understand you, people who are patient enough to deal with your drama, people who don’t judge you just coz you’re “acting a bit off” lately.

To those people that I’ve ignored or haven’t gotten back to especially during those times, I apologize for doing so but I’d be lying if I also didn’t say that I expected you to understand me. Those who know me most should know that in any other circumstance I would put other people’s concerns first but in this particular situation I think I deserved to focus on myself and be a little bit selfish if that’s how you’d want to put it. Bride-to be’s really DO go through different levels of stress just dealing with all the wedding suppliers, the family dramas and sensitivities, the emotional roller coaster, the wedding jitters–and not everyone can deal with stress graciously so forgive me if I wasn’t the calm, blooming, stress-free bride everyone wanted me to be, believe me I tried. So there… I just needed to get that out of the way.

To the women of Marco’s side who threw me this bachelorette party and all of my girls who came (both family and friends)…a BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Every single one of you helped me de-stress, and with a little help from the booze I got rid of those last minute wedding jitters. I appreciate you enjoying that night with me, just having mindless fun and I am thankful for all the fun, kinky, sexy gifts I got. I will find a way to put all of them into good use.Haha.

Gela and Jem—-years after they still got my back. I love you both so much. Missing Andy love.

Btw, thanks for hosting that night.

Ate Jemma, Pauline, Marie…the base of my support system, I just love my family to pieces.

Drinks to start the night, we had a lot of them.

Settling in. Half of the girls that made it that night.

I  love you Ate. I know I’ve stressed this out a lot of times already but you truly are the best for flying in even at your pregnant state.

These two up to their old antics. Hai, loves!



Flaming Shots…


more lingerie…

…and Macho Dancer DVDs. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Cheers to my two sisters (Marie and Pauline) and new sisters (Pilica and Pauline)

Cousin love.

Jem. Gela. Jemma.Pauline. Ann Marie. Bea. Bianca. Pilica. Pauline. Missy. Juanay. Anina. Krystelle. Claudia. Angel. Kaye

Thank you girls!!!


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