Mendezona-Ramas Nuptials: The Ceremony

On my way to the church, I was a nervous wreck. I wasn’t going hysterical or anything but my heart was pounding like crazy, like it was ready to jump out of my chest. In my entire life, I can safely say that I’ve been in front of people on stage a hundred or more so times but I don’t recall ever feeling this uneasy. It took a good 2 years to prepare this wedding…countless phone calls, countless Viber calls, Skype dates and FaceTime, hundreds of emails and inquiries all the way from Houston, a whole month’s visit to the Philippines just to check on suppliers and another whole month prior to the wedding of running last minute errands, decision making and finalizations yet when I woke up on my wedding day, I knew there were things that still needed to be addressed. I couldn’t tell myself that everything was the way I wanted them to be but as my morning progressed I made a decision to Let go and Let God.

Preparing for a wedding is indeed like preparing for a theatrical production, you have to go into details: the look, the theme, the venue, the lights, the sounds, the outfits, the cast or in this case the entourage—just the whole lot. If I looked at it as if it were a show, I think I would’t have been as nervous, but I didn’t…It wasn’t just a show and I wasn’t just a performer, it was my wedding day. This was the day that God promised me and Marco, a long time ago, the special day he told us to wait for. And here it was, the day that will mark the end of our 7-year long distance relationship. #nomoreLDR

I sat quietly inside the vintage car Marco and I picked for our wedding day,  my dad had to sit in front because my dress was humongous and with that, the three of us couldn’t fit in the back of the car. My mom squeezed my hand gently and asked me if I was okay, I nodded but I told her I had a hard time breathing. She told me everything was going to be alright, she reminded me that every time I worried things usually turn out better than expected, it’s always been like that ever since I was small (not that I’m any bigger now).

To get married at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral was a dream come true for me, it is one of the most sought out churches in Cebu , I’m guessing because of it’s look and ambiance. Like everyone else, I too fell in love with this cathedral instantaneously but not just with the way it looked, I appreciated it’s architectural structure and the history behind it. It’s really overwhelming, who would’ve thought that after spending my entire college life in Manila and migrating to Houston that I would get married in the city that I grew up in, Thank you to Marco and his family for allowing this wedding to take place in Cebu.


Marco’s best men: his cousin Snap and his brother Nacho

My Handsome Groom and his parents

Godparents: Dada Benj and Mita Bo

Godparents: Ninong Jun and Ninang Ofel

Godparents: Tito Mikel and Tita Ito

Godparents: Tito Joey and Tita Leni

Godparents: Ninong Hey and Manang Aio


Secondary Sponsors: L: Kuya Jv and Anna; R: Hans and Mariana

Missing Andoni and Patricia


Bearers and Flower Girls

My Brother John in the picture.


My Little Ladies-in- Waiting: Angelie, Nicole, Anya and Brianna

When Marco and I started our relationship, these girls were just babies…now they’re beautiful young ladies.


Groomsmen and Bridesmaids


My maid of honor, Pauline and my matron of honor, Ate Jemma.

The parents of the bride—-my parents.

Our Little Diego did it!!!

Thanks so much for the awesome signage, Snap. 🙂

They told me I was going to walk down the aisle in a few minutes…I took a deep breath and prayed to God I wouldn’t trip. I think that is every bride’s worst nightmare. Don’t you think?

My make up artist, Mami Ramil, told me not to cry because he wouldn’t be at the altar to retouch my makeup. Haha.

The sight of Marco crying was a total shock for me. In our entire 10 1/2 years together, I’ve only seen him cry once and that was when we almost put an end to our relationship. Believe me, at this point, I was on the verge of tears…I just wanted to hug him tight.


Of course when Marco cried, the women started crying…


That moment…when the doors slowly open and everyone’s anticipating the bride’s entrance.

For my bridal march, I wanted the quartet to play a medley of Yiruma‘s River Flows in You and Kiss the Rain but they could only do the first one, so we settled for that. I have Matt from the St. Angela Merici choir to thank for introducing me to that beautiful piece and of course my younger sisters for overplaying this song on the piano. It was perfect!

(If you want to listen to it, click “PLAY” on the youtube video at the bottom of this post)

collage5 collage6

Ever-reliable Snoogie, my wedding coordinator, telling us what to do and where to go.

The cathedral looked so ethereal, thank you Tita Teresin Mendezona and Pinky Flora for setting the mood.


Thankful that our commentator (Pauline) and all of our readers (JM, Mita Wee and Andy) were very clear and articulate.

Marco and I were supposed to read our own vows, it’s a good thing we ran out of time, I would’ve been an emotional wreck after that. Haha. Not good for the post-nup photos.

Offerors: Kuya Andrew and Tita Gands

Offerors: Daddy Pakong and Mommy Babe


Kuya Jv and Anna lighting the candles—-symbolizes the presence of God in this union.

Jiro and Pilica putting on the veil—a symbolism for being one.

Thanks lic for being Patricia’s proxy.

Andoni and Mariana putting on the cord—-to signify everlasting fidelity.

The Lord’s Prayer

Thanks to my inaanaks, Godric and Derron for being my coin and bible bearer.

To my little brother John, thank you so much for still walking down that aisle earlier even without that suit. It just goes to show what you’d do for me and kuya Marco even if you felt embarrassed by it. We love you so much and you truly are the best ring bearer in the entire universe. Thanks for being such a sport, langga!

(Just to let you know, Ivan Belocura, what you did was foul…just remember what goes around comes around)

Receiving the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time as a married couple is such a beautiful experience

Gladly signing our lives away to each other.


The long awaited kiss…our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Marco Mendezona.

Thank you so much Msgr. Tajanlangit for being our celebrant.


Our last shot before leaving for Casino Espanol….

(Notice the UP sticker on the car. )


4 thoughts on “Mendezona-Ramas Nuptials: The Ceremony

  1. I’m a bride to be as well and I thought of hiring Ivan Belocura for the entourage dresses, what happened? Please share. I saw on the newspaper though that he was arrested for drugs last year. Thanks

    1. He didn’t show up with my bearers’ outfits until the very last minute, literally 15 minutes before the wedding. They were half-ass done, only one was complete, the other one didn’t have pants and the vest and he completely messed up my brother’s suit. My brother had to walk down the aisle crying and looking like Aladdin because he only had a vest and the pants were too short. In other words, he didn’t deliver when we paid him in full already. After the wedding, there were no apologies, he wouldn’t take our calls and he refused to show himself even when we visited his shop. He never reimbursed us.

      1. Oh my. I’m so sorry to hear that. I had second thoughts the minute I knew that he was busted for drug related charges. I thought he was credible because he also made the entourage dresses of a much celebrated wedding last 2013 at Oakridge. I don’t know if the bride had complaints though, but after reading this, I’m sure she does. Others should know about this as well.

      2. It’s okay, I’m just glad the wedding still turned out fine. He was actually referred by a friend and she had no problems with him, I don’t know why he started acting up during my wedding. I’m not gong to go out of way to destroy his reputation because he is doing that perfectly fine by himself but if people ask me my opinion about him, I would gladly tell my story. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I did. Well, my only advice is never pay the full amount until you get the FULL service. I wish you luck and have fun wedding planning. 🙂

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