Honeymooning: Baguio

July 30 – 31, 2014 Day 1 The day after Kuya Oli and Hilda’s wedding, the family decided to leave for Baguio in the wee hours of the morning. Land tripping was no biggie for my siblings, they’re so used to long drives in and out of Houston, within Texas or even out of state. […]

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A Day In the Family Farm

I remember coming here almost every Sunday when grandmy was still alive. She, Dada and Mita always looked forward to a relaxing and peaceful Sunday in the farm. Fresh air, no electronics, good food, fried bananas and fried kamote, what more could you ask for. I miss you so much grandmy, wish you can see the […]

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This Old House

The Old Gaston Mansion at Hacienda Rosalia, Manapla—an hour (or so) drive away from Bacolod city proper. My husband couldn’t believe that he’s never brought me here considering my family’s fascination over historical houses and such, so one fine day he finally took me and I was beyond ecstatic. Thank you so much Tito Joey Gaston […]

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