This Old House

The Old Gaston Mansion at Hacienda Rosalia, Manapla—an hour (or so) drive away from Bacolod city proper. My husband couldn’t believe that he’s never brought me here considering my family’s fascination over historical houses and such, so one fine day he finally took me and I was beyond ecstatic. Thank you so much Tito Joey Gaston and family for allowing us to spend the afternoon scurrying about the premises of your ancestral home.

The child in me wanted to explore every nook and cranny of the house and my mind wandered off trying to imagine the lifestyle of the Old Gastons and what went about their daily lives. Every inch of that place was rich in history and full of character. Here are some of the photos I took with Reno, my Canon EOS1 and Marco’s iPad.


Trivia: This was the house that was used in the critically acclaimed film Oro Plata Mata in 1982 directed by Marco’s Tito Peque Gallaga.

My husband told me they used to play a lot in this shoe house when they were younger, so I’m guessing there was no “Old Lady who lived in a shoe”. haha

The Gaston’s old pool—wide and deep.

Chapel of Cartwheels

This house of worship definitely has a very unique design which utilized tools from the farmers in the hacienda which clearly included cartwheels.

What I Wore:

(HAT: Icing/ TOP: white razorback; American Eagle/ SHORTS: floral rugged/SHOES: peptone wedges; Xappeal/ NECKLACE: mint statement necklace; Icing/ SUNGLASSES: Aussie wayfarers from Kuya JV/ BAG: vintage camera bag from Amazon)


There’s no science or any fancy explanation on today’s outfit, it was a hot, bright sunny day and I knew we were going to be walking about so I grabbed any Filipina’s fashion staple—- shorts, tank top and open toed sandals or wedges, really easy, simple and comfortable. I merely added a hat to block the sun’s violent rays and sunglasses to protect my eyes. Accessorize as you please, I opted for a pastel statement necklace.


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