Albi ❤ Jem

I met this wonderful set of people during college…3rd year college to be exact and boy were we inseparable from beer nights to wine nights to magic sing nights to pambahay day to ukay2x day to salsa nights to themed Christmas parties to the beach—we’ve done it all. I thought migrating to the states would change everything but fast […]

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50’s Cafe Engagement Shoot

Here are 15 shots from the first part of our Engagement Shoot. Enjoy! I’ll be finishing up on the next batch of photos next week. #marcoandrhea Location: Fifties Cafe at Crown Regency Towers Photographer: Mark Cantalejo Hair and Makeup: Ramil Solis   Not prepared—that was the last thing I wanted to be for the Engagement shoot […]

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Miguel’s First World Cup

This would have to be one of the cutest themed parties I’ve ever been to and even with the rain it turned out to be a complete success. Kid’s 1st birthday parties are really big nowadays, almost like planning for a wedding and this one had it all. Let’s start with the invitation made by […]

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Our Mini Birthday Getaway

Here’s a little sneak peek of our birthday shenanigans. We finally scheduled our mini-getaway out of the bustling city of Manila to avail of our wedding gift from one of our godparents. Of course a “birthday celebration” is always a best excuse to go out of town for some longtime overdue rest and relaxation and Tagaytay […]

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