University Diaries: Casual Cool

(SWEATSHIRT: F21; FOR SALE / SHORTS: highwaist, thrifted/ SHOES: Sneaker Wedges, Image/ PURSE: Hobo Bag, Kenneth Cole Reaction/ SUNGLASSES: 168/ TURBAN: F21/ NECKLACE: Wet Seal/ CUFF: Cebu/ EARRINGS: F21)

Graphic tees, printed tees—any shirt (or in this case, sweater) that gives a statement are still big on campus. I guess it kinda says a lot about yourself— what your interests are, what orgs you’re involved in, what you think about the world, what your outlook in life is, if you’re a geek or someone who has a sense of humor, if you’re snooty and stuck up…ANYTHING!

Mine says, “, I’m a 28 y.o trying hard to fit in—show me some love” hahahaha. 😀 I’m kidding, this sweater belonged to a good friend of mine and since we didn’t finish our garage sale in Houston, I’m selling some of these pre-loved items here in Manila.

Hobo bags are just wonderful, you can practically put your entire dresser inside and no one would notice. It’s really spacious inside and easy to carry although I would suggest for you girls to invest on bag organizers just so it’s not a jungle inside.

Sneaker Wedges— flat from above, elevated from below. I’m always in need of those extra inches.

I’m telling you…high waist shorts, oversized graphic tee or sweater, sneakers, hobo bag and messy bun is the simplest uniform for school (maybe for U.P anyway), I’m pretty sure you can find all of these in your closet with no trouble. Its just a matter of accessorizing and picking the right color combination other than that it should be a no-brainer.

I’m starting to keep a “school outfit journal” to show my sisters when I get back to Houston.  Pauline (19), Ann Marie (17), Angelie (14) and Nicole (12) are going to have a good laugh when I tell them that I was dressing their age and not mine. If you girls were here, I would’ve probably borrowed from your closet.

I’m missing you heaps, Ate will see you in 2 months! . I love you losers!


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