The Oedipus Project


(JUMPSUIT: Preppy; for sale /SHOES: Qupid/NECKLACE: Minted Jewelry/ WATCH: New York & Co./ BRACELETS:New York & Co.)


Impressive installation art exhibit by my thesis adviser. Thought of him this morning as I was working on my thesis, so I went to check if it was still there. From afar I could already see that tinge of yellow and I knew that the exhibit was still up. Thrilled to have experienced it first hand and not just through pictures.

The Oedipus Project by Ohm David.

Crawl by Mars Bugaoan.


Reminds me of a demented version of the yellow brick road






Sorry…I just had to do an #ootd, it was so tempting. Haha.


Minted Jewelry



Road to Corinth










Left you a message, Kuya Ohm.




Breakfast in Bed

“The difference between an ordinary marriage and an extraordinary marriage is in giving just a little ‘extra’ every day, as often as possible, for as long as we both shall live.”
-Fawn Weaver

Usually, I just tell my husband to sleep in Alabang when he has to work at the clinic because his shift doesn’t end ’till 10pm and I would hate for him to drive an hour or so exhausted just so he could be with me here in LaVista. Better safe than sorry, right?

This guy surprised me by coming home to me late last night….I thought he deserved a reward for being the sweetest husband ever so Breakfast in Bed it is. (Well, by our bed anyway..haha)

Happy Wife, Happy Husband. Happy Husband, Happy Wife.

I love you, Sweetie! Just wanted you to know that you are appreciated.


Plantation Bay: Mogambo Springs

January 14- 15, 2015

 “Ghetto moment” story but I promise I’m going to make it short—our flight to Cebu arrived 1am on the day we were supposed to check-in Plantation Bay. We were availing a GC that we got from our wedding and we weren’t sure when else to avail of it since we’re supposed to be flying back to Houston any time soon, so amidst the Sinulog craze they said they could squeeze us in, it was only for one day anyway. The only problem was we couldn’t get any flights later than the one we took because all the mid-morning flights’ prices were jacked up so we decided to take that early morning flight and figured we’d just bum around the Plantation Bay premises and wait until check-in time at 3pm.

There we were, Marco and I, sitting at the lobby  and it was only 2 am. I suddenly realized we still had 11 hours to go, so naturally Marco ended up sleeping in one of their couches in semi-fetal position. Although I was extremely exhausted, I was too embarrassed for both our sakes to do what he was doing so I dozed off  sitting down. At 5am, Marco felt a slight poke….it was the lady at the front desk, thank God, she was nice enough to feel bad for us and allowed us to check-in 10 hours before the time we were supposed to. And that’s how being “ghetto” got us a comfy bed and a restful night’s (more like early morning) sleep. Thanks Plantation Bay!

Christmas is still in the air here in Plantation Bay

Checking in at 5 am. That bed really looks inviting!

Goodies from Cebu, compliments of Plantation Bay

Fully rested and off to explore with the husband

Of course we had to stay in a suite that was complicated to pronounce.  No worries, we got it eventually…haha. Chenonceu. Mmm’s French.

The view from our balcony…how beautiful is that!

A place where tourists could experience our local butong (coconut)

Marco and I opted for an hour of foot massage and greatly enjoyed the Zen-like ambiance of Mogambo Springs

We were advised to come in an hour early so we could also enjoy the hot springs, sauna and other amenities

Green Tea upon arrival…refreshing

The contrast of Zen rocks are lovely, don’t you think?

Can’t help but think we’re in Japan because of their cute village setting

Checking our neighbors out.

Dinner date with the husband at Kilimanjaro Kafe

What I wore on the last day:

(DRESS: Reversible; from Mami/ PURSE: Kate Spade; from Mami/ SANDALS: orange gladiators; No Boundaries/ SUNGLASSES: Kerry Cat Eyes; Sunnies, P399/ EARRINGS: gold hoops; from Mami/ NECKLACE: orange statement necklace; from Yessenia/ BRACELETS: colorful assorted beads; Beals)


Hello, 2015!


 HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!! Pig-out season is officially over, it’s time to head to the gym and work on those New Year’s resolutions. Some of you will be out of the gym in a week or two anyway…haha.

This isn’t much as a first post for 2015, I was hoping I’d start this year with a bang but I’m still slowly easing my way into this new life ahead so please bear with me. I honestly thought I’d be able to catch up on pending posts from 2014 before the year ended, clearly that wasn’t the case—so much for starting this year with a clean slate. Oh well…

The holidays were a bit different for me this season, last year I was in Houston, single, doing LDR with my fiancé and I was busy shopping gifts and helping my siblings shop for gifts, I was wrapping my presents and everyone else’s. Mom and I did the usual brainstorming for the theme of our Christmas tree, Pop did his usual OC thing with the Christmas lights, I was busy driving around juggling work, Christmas parties and choir practice.  I also did my usual thing where I forced everyone in the family to dress “accordingly” (hahaha).


This year I found myself celebrating my first ever Christmas as a married woman. It’s been 7 years since I last spent the holidays here in the Philippines and it was strange yet wonderful to be celebrating it with new family—my in-laws. Marco and I were pretty much done with our Christmas shopping around mid- September, the Christmas trees in both LaVista and Alabang had their own stylist and the manangs put up the decorations. I didn’t have to drive around, it was always Marco or the manongs who’d drive us for Christmas shopping or Christmas errands. I couldn’t get over the fact that I wasn’t going to cross out “Papa Froi” or “Mama Beth” or my siblings on my ( I should really start saying “our”, huh?) Christmas list.


Anyway, my Houston Family..if you’re reading this, know that I AM MISSING YOU ALL SO MUCH. I miss you so much that I even gave in and made my own SnapChat account. (Ugh.) Send my love to our doggies, Todd and Oreo. Just consider this Christmas a break from me, haha, next year I’m bringing back my bossy self to Houston and y’all won’t have a say with our Christmas Tree theme and what to wear on Christmas day. I love you, love you, love you!  I’ll see you in a few months. <crossing fingers>


On another note, here’s my first #OOTD for the year 2015

….mostly presents from the in-laws. They know my taste, haha. Thanks mami!

(DRESS: Reversible; from Mami/ PURSE: neon floral clutch; from Mami/ SANDALS: braided thongs; American Eagle Outfitters/ EARRINGS: gold hoops; from Mami/ NECKLACE: gold flower statement necklace; from Mommy Babe/ CUFF: gold with white faux leather strap; Terranova, P120 on sale)