A Pastel Baby Shower

A few hours after Eva’s 1st Birthday, we headed home. My in-laws were throwing us a baby shower/ going away party (despedida) and the mini-reunion pretty much continued in the comforts of our own home. As if the goodies earlier weren’t more than enough, they had a whole new set of cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and a personalized cake just for Spriki, I mean Cassie. 😀 Thanks mami for coming up with this get together and thanks Pauline for organizing this whole thing!

The cute little pastel invitation for the baby shower

Spriki’s little corner. Thanks Angel for putting up the party pom poms! 😀

Baby Pastel Goodies

The “Spriki” blocks just made this cake cuter than ever. I love this so much Pauline, thanks!

These cake pops remind me of baby blocks and baby rattles

Personalized Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizer were the giveaways for the baby shower. I still can’t get over the “Spriki”, haha. Aren’t these handy?

Let the games begin. 🙂

Even the yarn they used for the game was pastel 🙂

Guess the Girth Game

Sophia making her guess. Hahaha…

Match the Baby Socks Game

George preparing the lechon yumminess

Thanks for all the presents ladies

And most importantly thanks for your presence

On one last note, balancing a cupcake on your belly is a talent. Haha.



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