The Unconventional Cassie

Like every new mom, I wanted to have a newborn photoshoot for my little one but Marco and I had to compromise because the photography rates here in the US can be ridiculously expensive, a sitting fee of a professional photographer could easily cost $150 and that’s without prints or digital copies of the images. We were so close to taking the photos ourselves and editing it (which was very doable for me) but I was still recovering from the delivery and his family flew in to Houston to see the baby so we didn’t have the time to do that. Well, we did find time after Cassie’s visit to her pediatrician but we didn’t have a photographer so we purchased the JC Penny deal on Groupon on the spot; without any ideas for the photoshoot or props we headed to the closest JC Penny, scheduled an appointment and came back that afternoon.

Now the quality of the photos were nothing like the ones of our wedding but for $30 JC Penny did pretty okay and Cherry of the Sugarland Branch was just amazing. It was feeding time when we went and Cassie was starving so she wasn’t sleeping, she was fussy, we had to take breaks just so I could feed her and to top it all she peed on Cherry, the photographer. I could post beautifully composed photos of my daughter in cute little poses with her floral head dress, wrapped in a rustic swaddle sleeping like an angel but at 8 days old she was already a character and I wanted to share that so here is my little one still a little bit jaundiced from the pregnancy, with her umbilical cord showing and a whole lot of attitude.


I am mommy’s mini-me


Showing of my large foot, one thing I got from daddy


I’m not liking this fully undressed business

1_10-27-2015 18_00\P11.jpg

Seriously mom, you put me in a basket with a bunch of apples?

1_10-27-2015 18_00\P20.jpg

Mommy: Cassie, stop making the “pogi ako” pose.


Just about to sneeze…Aaaahchooo!



~the new mommy, Rhea

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