Cassie: 01.31.2016

Starting early with her Babylit Book Anna Karenina—a fashion primer.


(DRESS: First Impressions, floral / HEADBAND: Little Me, black bow/ TIGHTS: white/ SHOES: black ballet flats)


This Year’s First Surprise

I can never blog during the early part of the year, the holidays are always a hectic time for me especially since I have mommy duties now. We just celebrated Cassie’s first Christmas and her first New Year and can I just say being a mom is beyond AWESOME!!! (even with the spits, the throw-ups and the poops)

Before I work on my catch up posts about Japan (yesss, the one from last year), the holidays, Cassie’s Baptism and Cassie’s first plane ride let me just share that after a year and a half, our wedding just got featured in a local magazine. I would have never found out if Ann Marie’s (my sister) friend didn’t send a snap of the page where we were featured, thanks Sammy! I checked my email recently and I realized that they sent me a message regarding my wedding but I guess I was too concentrated on giving birth that I missed out on that but still thanks Fort Bend Focus for featuring us. It was definitely a nice surprise, a nice start to this new year.

To my family in the Philippines who want access to the feature, just click on ‘Fort Bend Focus’ to link you to the online version of this month’s magazine. To my friends who are in the area, feel free to grab a copy of this month’s Fort Bend Focus at any grocery (or maybe your doctor’s office) here in Fort Bend County. And just to give you a heads up you will be seeing ‘Macys’ as the supplier of my bridesmaid dresses. I would rather give credit to Macy’s than acknowledge the unprofessional supplier who messed up BIG time on my brother’s ring bearer suit, you know who you are. (I know its a new year and all but it takes time to forget someone who messes with my family) Shout out again to Mark Cantalejo for our beautiful pictures, I think we got featured because of the wonderful photos you took of our wedding, we just wanted to let you know that your work made it to Houston.

The cover of this month’s Fort Bend Focus magazine.

Belated Happy New Year, everyone. Hope y’all are having a wonderful start to your new year!


Cassie’s Baptism


Cassie’s Baptismal Invitation


Since most of Cassie’s Godparents are from outside the US, we had to look for other ways to ask them and this is what we resorted to


Cassie fitting the baptismal wear (excuse the sleepy eyes) that has been passed down from generation to generation (in Marco’s side). Marco’s abuelito even wore this during his own baptism. I know I have a thing for the old and the vintage but this gown takes the cake.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Cassie right before the baptism


Father Joy presiding the baptismal rites


Our little girl didn’t even cry


With Ninong and Ninangs that were present


Our Big Family after the baptism


Our little family—Welcome to the Christian World, Cascas.


My DIY Dessert Table for Cassie’s Baptism


Thanks Sandils for the lighting and the balloon arrangements!

Thanks Ninang Pauline and


Hands down to Rico for the best macarons in town and Tita Jemima for Cassie’s cake.


My DIY Cassie’s “wall of fame”. Haha.



A picture with Cassie and Daddy later that day. Notice the macarons and cake pops are already gone.

Marco and I wanted Cassie baptized when his family came to visit Houston, we even attended the pre-Jordan class right before I gave birth, but Cassie was only a few weeks old when they visited so we decided to schedule it for a later date. We wanted it done before the end of the year but our parish, St. Angela Merici, advised us that the schedule was a bit hectic due to the holidays so the soonest they could schedule us would be after the new year. We went with January 3rd instead and I’m glad we did because it gave us time to prepare.

We didn’t really have a theme for her reception at home but then when I started gathering whatever we had to decorate the house, a little bit of “vintage” would pop up every now and then so I decided to work with what I had and it turned out better than I expected.  Thank you so much to all of our neighbors and family friends who made this possible and of course mom and pop (grandmy and grandy) for going all out and allowing us to have Cassie’s reception at home.

There’s a lot pf people who love you Cas! Welcome to the Christian world our little girl.

~Mommy Rhea

Cassie’s First New Year Celebration

Last 2015 I had expectations, call it New Year’s resolutions if you may, I thought they were pretty simple and quite doable. Looking back, none of those expectations panned out of if they did it probably worked out in a way I would have never imagined it to.And yet for all the irregularities in my life I am beyond grateful because in the end those irregularities turned out better than I expected. Thank you God! I’m so excited to be starting this year with the little creature that completes our own little family.

The Borromeos were nice enough to invite us over for New Year’s Eve and since Sienna Plantation has its no-fireworks policy, poppers and snappers were the best we could do. And of course since it was also Paulo’s birthday, we spent New Year’s Day dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse for the birthday boy’s request—steak! Cassie was nice enough to make us enjoy both gatherings by (mostly) sleeping through it.



All strapped in, heading to the Borromeos house


Ooohh…lechon belly.


My little Cascas still asleep


Waiting for 2016


Our little family



Cheers to 2016


The birthday boy and his cake from Cheesecake Factory. yum!


Grandy and Cassie


Grandmy and Cassie before Paulo’s birthday dinner



Paulo, the birthday boy with his birthday dessert


One last family picture before leaving 🙂


Fur-ry goodness with my little sleepyhead.


Mommy’s OOTD


Cassie’s OOTD (taken right before we left for Paulo’s birthday dinner)

Happy New Year to one and all!