CASSIE: 02.27.2016


(ROMPER: Handmaid Ends Bubble Romper/ HEADBAND: Pip and Tumbleweed Floral headband/ SOCKS: brown fox/ MOCCASINS: Camel moccasins)


We’ve been supporting small businesses recently and you’d be surprised with the number of wonderful small/local stores you can find on Instagram. We were totally pleased with this bubble romper from Elisa of Handmaid Ends, you should check her out.

Thanks for featuring our little Cassie, Elisa! 😀

Cassie attended her first birthday party (Dominic Quiray turned 2) and not only was she fashionably cute, she was completely comfortable in it. We paired up her rompers with my trial headband prior to starting Pip and Tumbleweed, my own small store on Instagram (more about that on a different post), brown fox socks that have been trending all over the net and camel brown moccasins that we got from my baby shower.

Here are a few photos from the party:

Greeting the birthday boy, Dominic, a happy birthday!
Yes, my daughter would try to ear someone else’s hand. Kudos to Benedict for being a sport.
Mommy and Cassie

IMG_2963IMG_2967A few more photos of Cassie after the party.

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