Holiday Family #Twinning | Matching Christmas Family Pajamas by Iffei


Raise your hands if y’all are into matching Christmas Pajamas 🙋🏻‍♀️

If you’ve been following me for a while especially on Instagram, you know we’re all about the “twinning” and the “matching” whatever season it may be. Everyone seems to be getting into the matching Family Christmas Pajamas fad and I’ve noticed that if you don’t get them early enough, it’s harder to get affordable matching pajamas for everyone in the family. For my family, it’s been vital to get them early in the season because we take our Christmas Card photos in them. I’m big on taking our holiday family photos in comfortable clothes, nothing too stiff and itchy for the kids because I don’t think I can handle the whining and complaining from both my husband and my kids so it’s been a tradition to just take them in the best, most comfortable Christmas outfits out there—-our pajamas! 😁

Thankfully, Iffei (originally Yaffi Fashion, where we got our matching swimwear a year ago) was nice enough to send my entire family our matching Christmas Pajamas for the year, so we don’t need to worry. 🎄 They have a variety of cute holiday designs to choose from and for this year we opted to go a little bit ELF-y😉

Make sure to go check them out for more of their Holiday Pajama options (they have tons!) and head their quick before they run out of stock. I’ve linked the specific holiday pajamas that we got here and I’ve added a few of my personal favorites below as well.

I also linked their website, their Facebook page and their Instagram page below so click away.

Iffei Website | Iffei Facebook | Iffei Instagram

Hope y’all enjoy the Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Family #Twinning | Matching Christmas Family Pajamas by Iffei

  1. I have always wanted to do this, but I know my fiance most likely wouldn’t do it. You guys look so cute!

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